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A text to understand how retail giant Wal-Mart will apply blockchain technology

According to a document published by the USPTO on August 1, Wal-Mart applied for a blockchain-based digital currency system and method patent. The main contents of the patent document include the following aspects: The first is the background of the patent; the second is the digital currency issued through the legal currency; the third is […]

Wal-Mart applies for patent based on blockchain-based drone communication

According to Coindesk's August 14 report, retail giant Wal-Mart recently applied for a blockchain-based drone patent. (Source: Pixabay ) According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Wal-Mart filed a patent application for the "Cloning Drones Using Blockchain" in January 2019 and disclosed the patent on August 1. Interestingly, this patent application for the UAV […]

Why should Wal-Mart also develop digital currency?

Libra's advancement has been blocked recently. In addition to the general ignorance of the traditional financial community, the US political circles have been expressing concerns about this project. In the just-concluded two US hearings on libra, even some members directly fired guns. anger. Rep. Brad Sherman: "…Libra's damage to the United States is comparable to […]

Investment bank analyst: Wal-Mart cryptocurrency project is easier for legislators to accept than Libra

Jarret Seiberg, senior policy analyst at investment bank firm Cowen, said Wal-Mart's proposed digital currency should not face as much regulatory resistance as Facebook's proposed digital currency Libra. Image source: As Bloomberg reported on August 5, Seiberg added that Wal-Mart's cryptocurrency may be demographically attractive to Democrats, who are eager to find another financial basis […]