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Ethereum will devour the settlement layer of Wall Street

Foreword: Besides DeFi, what else can Ethereum be used for? Traditional financial institutions can only use Ethereum for asset securitization, which can bring about huge changes. Because compared to traditional solutions, Ethereum is a more reliable settlement layer. According to author Josh Johnson, Ethereum will eventually devour the settlement layer on Wall Street. This is […]

Equity and debt double kills, the Fed cut interest rates sharply, can Bitcoin take over the "hot money" that escaped Wall Street?

US stocks plummeted for a week, and the market value evaporated more than 8 trillion US dollars. This wealth is equivalent to the total market value of 35 bitcoins and bought 42 Maotai Groups. The world's top 500 rich people also lost more than $ 135 billion in this financial turmoil. The US stock market […]

2020: The year Wall Street takes over cryptocurrencies

Not long ago, the German government began allowing local banks to store and sell cryptocurrencies, and Deutsche Bank even predicted that by 2022, cryptocurrencies will become mainstream and replace cash. Cynical people may start to ridicule Deutsche Bank-they didn't want to make money with cryptocurrencies because they hyped cryptocurrency technology. Regardless of the original intention, […]

Zhu Jiaming: Wall Street, Silicon Valley, WTO and IMF are declining, and hard technology has developed into a direct promoter

On December 20th, at the 2020 Digital Technology Annual Conference and the January One Financial New Finance Annual Conference, Zhu Jiaming, Dean and Economist of the Digital Asset Research Institute, took the title "The Decline and Inspiration of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, WTO, and IMF". Speech. The following is a compilation of speech content, organized […]

Bakkt saved Wall Street, not a cryptocurrency

Foreword: Bakkt is jointly developed by the New York Stock Exchange's parent company Intercontinental Exchange, Starbucks, Microsoft and Boston Consulting Group to provide institutional-level custody of cryptocurrency, real-time delivery of futures transactions, merchant payments, compliance and other services. It was established in August 2018 and launched a user test of BTC physical delivery futures contracts […]

Can Bitcoin still bottom out? Wall Street is ready to go!

Despite the growing number of alliances of Bitcoin (BTC) supporters, it is still not a universal investment. In fact, some people still think that this is a complete Ponzi scheme, or a shocking scam. More than once, Buffett Buffett publicly stated that Bitcoin is a "mouse cockroach", and his gold partner Charlie Munger also used […]