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The volume of trading has not been significantly enlarged, and the rebound is suspected to be more attractive.

Today is a day worth more than a few years. The market is running smoothly and still in the rebound structure. The trading volume has been enlarged compared with the previous trading day. In fact, the rise and fall of the whole market mainly depends on the two big leading targets, and other currencies are […]

After the Bell chain crashes, it is suspected that the new disk will be restarted.

One of the largest funds in the history of the currency circle, the Bell Chain, has ushered in a recent collapse. Since the end of July, a number of "games" under the Bell Chain have stopped mining output, and investor income has stagnated. On August 30th, Bell Chain CEO Vincent posted a long article on […]

Legal Daily Report: How to Inherit Digital Assets (I)

With the rapid development of Internet technology, people are entering a digital survival era. More and more Internet services are bound with more personal and property-oriented information content such as personal identification information and fund accounts. Can these huge digital assets be inherited according to existing laws and regulations? If you can inherit, what principles […]

Market Analysis: BTC receives Yang again, short-term cautiously

Author | Hash sent analysis team

Supervising bitcoin miners? Some experts have made a bad idea to the US Congress.

According to foreign media coindesk, an expert hearing today will tell a subcommittee of the US Senate that cryptocurrency helps promote human trafficking and therefore should be subject to stricter regulation. In a written testimony, David Murray, vice president of product development and services at Financial Integrity Network, suggested that Congress should establish a new […]

Regulations | Dutch central bank urges cryptocurrency-related companies to complete registration by 2020

According to CCN's September 4 report, the Dutch central bank (DNB) has lost patience with related companies in the field of cryptocurrency. It reminds these companies that registration must be completed by 2020, when they will become the object of "integrity supervision." (Source: flickr ) On Tuesday, the Dutch central bank announced that it was […]

Bitcoin returned to $10,000 and the market share exceeded 70%. The analysis said that the parabolic rise has been turned on.

Bitcoin prices rose to more than $10,000 for the first time in a week, and USDT issuer Tether took out a $7 million USDT from the wallet, and there was a bullish trend on the 4-hour chart. Bitcoin sweeps away a week of downturn, prices rise 5% Bitcoin rose more than 5% in a few […]

Viewpoint | Blockchain game is not the future

Abstract: The future we are chasing is not a blockchain game, but a better game of blockchain technical characteristics. The best ending to the prosperous application of the chain travel industry is that the public has forgotten the "special existence" of blockchain games, but the value of game assets is deeply rooted in people's hearts […]

Analysis: A paper on the impact of the Fintech three-year plan on the blockchain industry

Written in the opening: Recently, Tide's article found that his article was quoted and excerpted in a large-scale article on the platform of the media, and was continuously shared, but the author of the article did not quote the source. If you check the weight of the graduation thesis, it is estimated to have a […]

HSBC completes the first RMB-denominated blockchain letter of credit transaction

HSBC said on Tuesday that it has completed the first RMB-denominated blockchain letter of credit transaction. (Source: Pixabay ) Like many competitors, HSBC has been seeking to use digital ledger technology to streamline traditional paper and bureaucratic financing transactions. As the first letter of credit transaction using the Renminbi, it marks the use of Voltron, […]