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Getting started with blockchain | The phone or computer with the wallet installed is broken, is the currency gone?

A few days ago, Dabai’s good friend Xiaohe ran over and worried about the white: the mobile phone with the wallet installed was broken, and it could not be turned on. It could not be repaired. Is the Token in the wallet gone? Presumably, many of the small partners who have just touched the blockchain […]

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the Staking revenue generation tool

Staking fires, the star projects Atom and IRISnet start trading, you buy coins but doubts where to put the proceeds? Which platform is more fair and transparent? This article is to help you solve the problem~ Before starting, I want to sort out some problems for most of the money holders. From the feedback from […]

WSM Destruction: How is the world's second largest dark market market collapsed?

Dark net black is also very cattle, there is an organization dedicated to the Internet to the dark network access agent entrance, word of mouth to do it, slowly accumulate user traffic, and then casually engage in hijacking, stealing user cryptocurrency. Then, let's take a dark web service navigation, and there is also a cryptocurrency […]

Jaguar Land Rover develops a car "smart wallet", car owners can share data to earn cryptocurrency

According to Reuters, on April 29, the UK's largest automaker Jaguar Land Rover announced that the company is testing a "smart wallet" installed in the car. With this wallet, Jaguar Land Rover owners can earn IOTA tokens by sharing data for rewards. (Source: Pixabay ) If Jaguar Land Rover owners allow cars to automatically report […]

Getting started with blockchain | Single-chain wallet and multi-chain wallet

The vernacular blockchain has described the classification of wallets from different dimensions in the article "Wallets and Addresses": From the dimension of networking, wallets can be divided into: hot wallets and cold wallets From the dimension of whether the user owns the wallet private key, the wallet can be divided into: decentralized wallet and centralized […]

How to transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another

How to start the transfer? Here's a very quick step on how to transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another. The first step is to have a reliable Cryptocurrency wallet and log in. Then, depending on the wallet you are using, move to the Send and Receive screens with a distinct icon like Send/Receive. Choose […]