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Wal-Mart, Canada launches blockchain-based automated tracking and payment management network

According to a press release on November 14, Wal-Mart Canada launched an automated network of block tracking and payment management based on blockchain. (Source: Pixabay ) The new system was developed in collaboration with the blockchain company DLT Lab to improve shipping and payment processing, helping users to automatically track delivery, verify transactions, and process […]

When the supermarket buys rice, do you think of the "blockchain"?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Kang (according to Xinhua News Agency, October 30th) Source: Sichuan Daily In the Wal-Mart supermarket food area, a bag of five-domestic rice bags has been added with a QR code, which can be displayed by scanning with WeChat. The first is basic product information, such as specifications, manufacturers, shelf life, […]

Why does Walmart need a "Walmart Coin" cryptocurrency?

Just two months after Facebook launched the digital currency project Libra, the US Patent and Trademark Office disclosed that Wal-Mart had applied for a cryptocurrency patent, and it is expected that a stable dollar linked to the US dollar will be launched. Sure enough, the news that Wal-Mart plans to issue the currency immediately triggered […]

Opinion: Where is the strength of Wal-Mart's currency?

Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a patent document showing that as early as 2018, retail giant Wal-Mart began to explore "a method of generating a digital currency unit by linking a digital currency unit to a conventional currency. ", that is, the stable currency linked to legal tender. It is […]

Supermarket giant Wal-Mart's "money war", want to bitcoin, Libra to the world?

In July, Libra of Facebook caught the attention of the whole world. Wal-Mart, the American supermarket that has nothing to do with the Internet and digital currency, stated in August that it would also enter the digital cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg News, the US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a document entitled "System and […]

Wal-Mart further deepens the blockchain layout and has joined MediLedger, a drug traceability blockchain alliance.

According to Coindesk's June 3 report, Walmart, a large retail giant, joined MediLedger, a blockchain alliance that aims to track drug sources. Image source: visualhunt A spokesperson for the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company confirmed the news to Coindesk, but did not comment further. This move represents Wal-Mart's deep involvement in blockchain technology. In addition, the retailer […]