Articles of Wanwei chain

Wanchain launches the Global Ambassadors Program

The original intention of our Global Ambassadors Program was to hope that community members who are active and capable of leadership in the Wanchain community will gradually gain official recognition. As a result, Wanchain announced the launch of the Global Ambassadors Program, which aims to bring together technical and non-technical talent in the global community. […]

South Korea's MangoBerry announced its participation in the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Node Program, which will jointly develop the Korean market.

On July 29, 2019, South Korea's blockchain company MangoBerry (망고베리) and Wanchain officially reached a strategic plan for node planning. Based on the Wanchain PoS galaxy consensus mechanism, MangoBerry will provide Korean investors with slogan (Staking) services. At the same time, Wanchain and MangoBerry will give full play to their respective advantages and jointly establish […]

Wanchain | August 20th Open Consensus Node Pledge, September 3rd Main Online Line Galaxy Consensus

The Wanchain PoS Galaxy Consensus will be launched on the main network in early September. The final phase of the test work and preparations before going online are in full swing. The following is the time node from the beginning of today to the galaxy consensus on the main network when the key progress. Of […]

The Galaxy Consensus Node plans to add Southeast Asian members – RiveX!

Singapore-based RiveX Corporation announced today that it has officially joined Wanchain's Galaxy Consensus PoS Node Program, becoming the 10th officially announced partner node. After the main network successfully switched to the PoS consensus mechanism, it officially became an interest mining in the galaxy consensus. One of the verifier nodes. In the future, the two sides […]

Wanchain and PUC Holding Group reached a strategic cooperation to promote the application of enterprise-level blockchain in the ASEAN region

On July 25, 2019, the Wanchain Foundation and PUC Berhad, a Malaysian listed company, jointly announced that they have formally reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the application of blockchain technology in the commercial field. PUC Holdings Group invested in Presto Mall, Malaysia's third-largest e-commerce platform, and Presto, a popular mobile wallet. At the […]

Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Exploration 05 – Economic Incentive Mechanism

In the previous interpret article, we introduced the delegation mechanism of the galaxy consensus. The design and application of the entrustment mechanism is to give a small number of equity holders a chance to participate in the consensus. It is also hoped that nodes with good performance and excellent performance can represent more. The rights […]

Wanchain released the PoS Galaxy Consensus Beta in the first quarter of the year, doubling the speed of the block, the official light wallet debut

On June 26 , 2019 , Wanchain officially released the beta version of the PoS Galaxy Consensus . The galaxy consensus is a practical PoS consensus protocol proposed by the Wanchain Consensus team based on a variety of cryptographic techniques to prove security, with a complete delegation mechanism and an economic incentive model. The release […]

Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Exploration 04 – Entrustment Mechanism

In the previous two articles, we introduced two core algorithms of the galaxy consensus, namely the random number generation algorithm and the blocker selection algorithm. These two algorithms ensure that the consensus process can proceed safely and steadily after the consensus participants have been identified. So how can we get all equity holders involved in […]

BEPAL officially became a member of the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Ecology, building a Wanwei Chain PoS node ecosystem

The integrated blockchain service provider BEPAL (coin) announced that it has officially joined the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Node Program, becoming a member of the Galaxy Consensus Ecology and building a Wanwei Chain PoS node ecosystem. This means that in the future, WAN users can participate in the WAN's Staking service through BEPAL Wallet. At present, […]

SNZ Holding, a professional PoS pool service organization, joins the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Node Program

SNZ Holding, a professional PoS pool service organization, announced that it has officially joined the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Node Program and has become the first user to participate in the Alpha test of PoS nodes. In mid-June, it will continue to participate in the beta test of the galaxy consensus. After the galaxy consensus is […]