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Sun Yuchen, who frequently touches porcelain, is "touching porcelain". Is it true or false?

Under the continuous hotspot marketing, the wave field has washed away the label of “air currency” in some people's eyes, but it has become a disaster-stricken area. In these funds, the wave field or Sun Yuchen is true. Innocent or false innocence, it is difficult to define. Wave field reproduction fund dispute On June 19, […]

Fomo3D game wants to be attached to the wave field to resurrect with new tricks but still dangerous and unpredictable, losing more and earning less

Just Game suddenly appeared, brushing the entire currency circle overnight, until now it is still occupying the screen. Then, in the currency circle where the traffic is “insecure”, what is the big deal to get all the traffic for free? The answer is a combination of two swords: Fomo3D team + Sun Yuchen marketing . […]

The 1 billion fund disk "wave field super community" running out of cash, why is Sun Yuchen always worried?

At the beginning of the bull market, the dealer did not harvest, and the fund was harvested. According to the security company Chengdu Chain Security, the number of wallets that run for a few months is close to 20. First, the “first fund of the currency circle” PlusToken runs the headlines of major communities and […]

A brief history of the wave field PVP game: endless fun with people

Chairman Mao once said, "It’s fun to fight with the sky, to fight with the land, and to have fun with others." If this sentence is put into the game here, it is actually saying: "The single game is full of fun, the human game is endless, and the PVP game is endless." The development […]

Who is using DApp? ETH/EOS/TRON user portraits are all secret

This article is the first part of the report "DApp "AARRR": ETH/EOS/TRON three public chain DApp user portrait research", from the macro level to observe the current DApp ecological status and user behavior status of ETH, EOS and TRON, trying to analyze DApp's user portrait behind operational performance and based on this provides a development […]

Is it true that the market value of cryptocurrency is a hero?

Little Jesus will never forget the day before many years ago. In the early days of the society, in order to find the initial feelings, after countless temptations and understandings, Little Jesus finally met with the long-awaited girl (high school classmate), temporarily called J, walking side by side on the road. Suddenly J pointed at […]

How does the wave field become the "Dollars of the Currency"

After all, the difference between the wave field and the bitcoin marketing method is one in the bull market, one in the bear market, the bull market is high and high, and the effect is quick, and the bear market has to choose high wall, wide grain, and slow king. After all, even if you […]

Buffett lunch of $4.57 million: Another multi-faceted Sun Yuchen's ghost marketing?

"This is an era in which the accelerator button is pressed. I must not be left behind." This is a well-known sentence that Sun Yuchen said. First, the highest price in the history of Buffett lunch: $4.57 million On June 1st, Beijing time, in 2019, "Buffett Lunch" was auctioned by Sun Yuchen, the founder of […]

Sun Yuchen: This time I can finally eat a big waist with the stock god.

In the early morning of June 4th, Beijing time, the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, officially issued a message on social media to take a Buffett lunch. In a flash of screen friends circle, countless people flocked to praise Sun Yuchen to make a great contribution to the popularization of cryptocurrency, is the […]

Wave field reveals key vulnerabilities that could lead to blockchain collapse

The Wavefield Foundation announced a fixed key vulnerability that could have caused its blockchain crash on the vulnerability disclosure platform HackerOne on May 2. The disclosure explains that if there are enough malicious requests, the attacker can use the malicious code in the smart contract to fill up all available memory and effectively perform distributed […]