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Bitcoin that originally became the foundation of Web 3.0 and is the king of blockchain

Author | Muneeb Ali Translators | Production | Blockchain Base Camp It is undeniable that Bitcoin is still the undisputed "king of blockchain." Since the trial period in 2017, Bitcoin's dominance has increased significantly. Bitcoin survived many attempts of forks and "civil wars" and established itself as a reserve cryptocurrency. People are falling back to […]

Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, Xinchain Space, Parity, and the Web3.0 Foundation jointly announced the launch of Web3.0 Bootcamp

On February 12, Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, Xinchain Space, Parity, and the Web3.0 Foundation officially announced the joint launch of "Web3.0 Bootcamp". Web3.0 Bootcamp is an entrepreneurial training camp and incubation camp focusing on blockchain innovation. It aims to help excellent blockchain projects grow and develop rapidly through resource docking and technical support. Web3.0 Bootcamp will […]

Exploration | Web 3.0 and the blockchain-driven future

Newton's third law states that the effects of forces are mutual. Both organic and inorganic complex systems show a tendency to balance. Over the past decade, fast-growing networks have slowly evolved into highly centralized systems in which a small group of large companies controls the infrastructure and platforms that make up today's Internet. The centralization […]

Observation | 5 pictures depicting the Web3 stack in 2019

Author: Kyle Samani, Multicoin Capital Managing Partner Original title: "Web3 Stack, 2019 Edition" Source: A year ago, I described the Web3 stack I understood at the time. Since then, I have learned a lot and the ecosystem is constantly evolving, so I decided to update my introduction to the Web3 stack. The 2018 edition […]

Layer 3 middle layer: a new engine for Web 3.0 development?

Author: Howard Source: Consensus Future Foreword: The recent blockchain primary market investment is still very cold, but we still notice some financing progress on the dApp ecosystem. Binance announced last week that it has acquired the decentralized application analysis service platform Dappreview, a company that provides data for dApp users. Analyze services and help build […]

Morgan Creek CEO: Every asset in the world will be tokenized, selling Amazon stock to buy bitcoin

Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, delivered a keynote speech at today's Digital Assets Summit, offering listeners some simple but potentially controversial advice: Selling your Amazon stock and buying Bitcoin. Image source: UNSPLASH Yusko believes that Bitcoin is the next breakthrough technology and it is the biggest wealth creation opportunity currently in existence. For […]

Wuzhen·I read the concept, promotion and profit model of Web3.0

On November 8th, at the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” Sub-forum, “Technology Changes the World: Block Bottom Infrastructure” hosted by Babbitt, Cdot Network Founder/Random Capital Partner Liu Yi, IRISnet Founder Cao Heng, the original chain CTO James, Marlin business development leader Nilotpal Mukherjee round-table dialogue around "The germination and rise of Web3.0", the chairman of the […]

Web3.0 Macro-Logical Thinking: From Technical Illustrations to Business Paradigms

Author: FYJ Source: block rhythm Editor's Note: The original title is "Web3.0 Macro Logic Thoughts" This article is expected to read 15 minutes. "With the exception of Bitcoin, we have nothing." In the tenth year of the birth of the blockchain, this is the real idea of ​​many people. In fact, it is a very […]

Joseph Lubin: How do you get to the decentralized internet?

Foreword: This is a speech by Joe Lubin at Devcon, Osaka, Japan. Today's Internet is the world dominated by web 2.0, so how to enter the world of web 3.0, a world of value networks without the need to license without trust. The author believes that to reach the world of web 3.0, there are […]

Handwriting 丨 Joseph Lubin: The three major transformation directions of Ethereum and the moat

Today's content includes: 1 Joseph Lubin Osaka Speech: Ethereum's Web3 Three Reconstruction Directions and Moat River Four Court Columns 2 Pantera Partner Paul Brodsky: Deep Thoughts on Liba and Global Big Debt 3 Vlad Zamfir: Ethereum's Legal Issues Are Inevitable Crisis 4 Hasu's latest research paper: Bitcoin security and block reward decline model 5 Pandera […]