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Week in review: Bitcoin prices fluctuate, US stocks laugh

In the past week, the US stock market has ushered in a sharp rebound, and the crypto market, which has been criticized for its large price fluctuations, is gradually coming out of its own independent market. New crown epidemic and global market There are more and more things that Warren Buffett has not seen. The […]

Blockchain Weekly | Industry Weekly Financing 9, National Supervision Continues to Voice Libra

PA Weekly 73rd issue 9.9-9.15 Wen | Zhou Wenyi Niu Niu Edit | Tong Source | PANews Overview: Libra will be launched as scheduled at the end of 2020, and national regulation continues to sound; Nigeria SEC calls for the establishment of a cryptocurrency and blockchain regulatory framework; the US SEC chairman said the Bitcoin […]

Quotes Weekly | USDT Off-market prices go up and stabilize stable currency gains outperform the market?

First, the market analysis According to CoinMarketCap data, in the past August, the overall market value of cryptocurrency fell by about 9.51%. At the same time, we learned that in the OTC trading area of ​​OK, Firecoin and other platforms, the price of USDT against the French currency continued to rise in the past month. […]

Blockchain Industry Weekly: Total market capitalization fell 2.11% from last week, 70% of the top 100 projects fell to varying degrees

The report produced by the Institute of Fire currency block chain, reports Published August 25, 2019, Author: Yuan Yuming, Rui   Summary The total market capitalization of blockchain assets this week fell by 2.11% from last week, and the market value of 70 projects in the TOP100 project fell to varying degrees. According to coinmarketcap […]

Investment Research Weekly: RMB 7 breaks, Litecoin halved, Wal-Mart issued coins

Under the multiple benefits, this week Bitcoin once again ushered in a sharp rise of more than 10%, and repeatedly broke through the psychological barrier of $12,000. The motives for this round of upswing may be the risk aversion brought by the RMB “breaking 7”, and the driving effect of the Litecoin halving. In the […]

Industry Weekly | Facebook currency is yellow? – Waiting for the official hearing in July

Summary This week, Bitcoin hit a 14,000 US dollar callback and the market continued to fluctuate. LedgerX was approved to provide physical settlement of bitcoin futures contracts, and the G20 summit focused on digital currency regulation. Facebook currency still needs to wait for the hearing. Today, some media reported that five Democratic Party members of […]