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Legal Research | Project Party White Paper Misrepresentation, How Investors Maintain Equity

Author: Chain Law Lawyers Source: Chain Method The white paper for the blockchain industry is the blueprint for the project and the development plan for the project. If a project's white paper is adjusted and upgraded with regulatory policies and market changes, investors are certainly willing to accept it. However, when the contents of the […]

Inventory: 58 terms that have to be known to chat with the chain people

The technology of the encryption circle is dazzling, only those terms, which are often difficult to understand, become the first obstacle to the learning blockchain of Xiaobai. Today, the battalion commander sorts out 58 common blockchains for you. For those small partners who are not particularly familiar with the blockchain industry, they must be collected […]

China rushes to the highlands and publishes the world's first telecommunication industry blockchain application white paper

Event: On the afternoon of May 7, 2019, the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion Plan”) held its third plenary meeting in Nanjing, where the world’s first “blockchain telecommunications industry application was released. white paper". Leading domestic telecom industry companies have released the world's first telecommunication industry blockchain application white paper […]

Decred technical white paper Chinese version

Two years ago, I took the time to translate the technical white paper of Decred. The original address is: The Chinese version was published in the Chinese community of Decred. Decred is the world's first PoS/PoW based hybrid. The blockchain project of the consensus engine. Recently, after investing in and incubating the blockchain project, […]