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Circle stripped Poloniex, its valuation plummeted 80%

Circle is a world-renowned blockchain startup with investors including Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, Bitcoin and hedge fund Pantera Capital, providing services such as payment, transfer, and zero-cost cross-border transactions. In February 2018, Circle spent $400 million to acquire Poloniex, the top exchange of Zeng Hongji. After a year, the two parted ways. Last week, Poloniex […]

Circle transformation: from Goldman Sachs, Baidu sought after, to give up bitcoin payment and change to stable currency

Founded for 6 years, Circle is a well-deserved star blockchain project – known as "US version of Alipay", which has been favored by Goldman Sachs, Baidu, and Bitland. It has completed 5 rounds of financing, with a total financing of more than 250 million, and a peak valuation of 30. One hundred million U.S. dollars. […]

Circle CEO Hearing Words: Can't supervise digital currency with the law 100 years ago!

In the next 5-10 years, sovereign and non-sovereign global digital currencies will surge, and billions of people will be able to use it on their own mobile devices; in addition, there will be a new set of Internet global capital markets based on digital assets. If the regulator implements the wrong regulatory measures, it will […]

10% layoffs, financing target fell to 150 million US dollars, the market is adjusting the framework after the market recovers

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of cryptocurrency startup Circle, said today that he decided to lay off some employees. Allaire said that "about 30" positions will be removed, accounting for 10% of the company. “Today we have organized the Circle and reduced about 30 positions, which is about 10% of our total staff. We made these changes […]

Money and payments in the digital age: IMF presidential bureau, Circle "heads-up" JPMorgan Chase and regulators

On April 10th, IMF Managing Director Lagarde convened two regulators, JPMorgan Chase and Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, and the four formed a “new and old” exchange group to discuss “digital age currency and payment” This theme. Among them, the first three were assigned to act as "incumbents", and Jeremy Allaire formed a team to act […]