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YouTube cryptocurrency ban strikes again, this time they deleted two videos

Source: CointelegraphChina Editor's Note: The original title was "YouTube Cryptocurrency Ban Again". This article has been modified and deleted without changing the author's original intention. In another round of reviews, YouTube removed two videos from two separate cryptocurrency channels. Cryptocurrency programmer Ivan tweeted that YouTube deleted a video of him on March 9. Technology analyst […]

Twitter Picks | YouTube's "missing" aftermath: netizens don't buy it, V God thinks or has something to do with Google

1. YouTube " accidental deletion " aftermath : Crypto communities don't buy accounts, decentralized platforms are hotly debated again The YouTube cryptocurrency video incident that has caused a stir and controversy in the crypto community, YouTube said today that deleting hundreds of crypto-related videos this week is " accidental deletion ." A YouTube spokesperson said: […]

Twitter Picks | Youtube Crypto Cleanup and V God

Editor's note: The original title was "Twitter Picks | Youtube Crypto Cleanup and V-God. BM was smashed by potential marketing. After all, is it still 1CO? 》 1. Youtube encrypted video sweep affects V God, after all, is it still 1CO? Youtube has recently burst out to delete videos of many crypto bloggers, triggering a […]

YouTube deletes a large number of cryptocurrency videos, is it overreacting or strengthening regulation?

Video social networking site YouTube is apparently reviewing cryptocurrency-related content. Several cryptocurrency videos of popular content creators were inexplicably deleted yesterday, including Chris Dunn, Boxmining, and more. Today, they find that more of their videos have been deleted. It is reported that these content creators received a week's ban and severe warnings. If they continue […]