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One article to understand the latest research and development progress of Ethereum, zero knowledge proof, sharding and other topics

Written in front: The original text was jointly completed by 14 research and development teams funded by the Ethereum Foundation (EF). , Solidity, ZoKrates and other subdivision research and development work were summarized. friends: During this complex period, we hope that everyone will be safe and secure. While stuck at home, we once again update […]

Free and easy week review | How will Coda compress data into 22KB

Write in front: Imagine that there are 3 kinds of creatures, where A has a current weight of 500 KG, and its annual weight gain is 50KG, B has a current weight of 600 KG, and its current weight gain is 200 KG, and C has a current weight of 4.5 KG, and it is […]

Privacy solution ZK² Rollup: how to achieve high-speed, cheap privacy transactions on Ethereum

According to vitalik, co-founder of Ethereum, the privacy protocol team Aztec is developing a ZK-ZK rollup solution to achieve hundreds of private transactions per second on the Ethereum mainnet while reducing the cost of each private transaction. Some readers may already know about the ZK rollup solution. What is this ZK-ZK rollup? Let's look at […]

DeFi is about to welcome zk-SNARK privacy technology without trust: what is Supersonic's solution?

In an interview with Cointelegraph at the Stanford Blockchain Conference on February 19th, Ben Fisch, a PhD student in cryptography at Stanford University, described Supersonic as a zero-knowledge proof system (also known as zk-SNARK) without trust. Source: Pixabay Fisch helped create a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed for decentralized finance. No need to trust and […]

Must master: these latest cryptographic advances will shape blockchain trends

Cryptocurrencies cannot exist without cryptography. Advances in cryptography may have a profound impact on blockchain technology and its potential. In this article we will look at industry experts' views on the latest advances in cryptography and their potential impact on cryptocurrencies. Image credit: Pixabay Zero-knowledge proof: more than just privacy Andrew Poelstra, head of research […]

Stanford Blockchain Conference Day1: New Attack Can Crack Anonymity of Zcash or Monero?

From February 20th to 22nd, Beijing time, the 2020 Stanford Blockchain Conference hosted by Findora was held at Stanford University. This meeting focused on security engineering and risk management methods in blockchain systems, and explored the application of encryption technology. , Decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis to improve the security of blockchain systems. […]

Let us show you in non-technical language how zero-knowledge proofs can change the blockchain

Written by: Ronald Mannak, co-founder and CEO of blockchain startup Starling Protocol Compilation: Lu Jiangfei Source: Chain News There are many technical blog posts about zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), and I recently wrote an article comparing various new general purpose zk-SNARKs. I find that there are very few articles in non-technical language about use cases for […]

Cambrian cryptography proves a big explosion, how to choose dozens of zero-knowledge proof systems?

Written in front: Original author Professor Eli Ben-Sasson is the co-founder and chief scientist of StarkWare. In this article, he outlines nearly 20 zero-knowledge proof systems and gives his views on these proof systems. This article was also highly recommended by Zcash founder Zooko, "Mastering Bitcoin" author Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and others. (Picture from: […]

From GB to KB, how does zero-knowledge proof create a concise blockchain?

Written in front: The author of this article is blockchain developer Ronald Mannak. In his article, he explained the significance of zero-knowledge proof to blockchain scalability through a simple description. Many people have written technical articles on Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP). I also recently compared the new generic zk-SNARKs in the article. I found that […]

Free and easy weekly review 丨 Three minutes to understand the new zero-knowledge proof solution Virgo (Virgo)

Introduction: This week we will first understand the concept of zero-knowledge proof through two popular science articles, and then understand the new zero-knowledge proof scheme Virgo (Virgo) proposed by "Computer Security Godmother" Professor Song Xiaodong and others. In the weekly selection of hard-core technology articles, we will also see the content of the annual summary […]