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Theory and Practice of Decentralized Organization (DAO): Conceptualization and Classification of DAO

Author: Ann coins Institute Key takeaways Binance Research Institute defines the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as "an organizational form that coordinates member actions and resources through a set of multilaterally agreed, a priori binding and formally transparent rules." Existing DAOs take many different forms, including blockchain, ecosystems, protocols, natural resources, and mutual protection. Decentralized autonomous […]

China wins two-thirds of Bitcoin's computing power share, with 54% of its computing power in Sichuan

Source: Shallot Blockchain According to a report from digital asset management company CoinShares, Chinese bitcoin miners now control two-thirds of global computing power. The main points of the report are as follows: 1. Bitcoin miners in China control 66% of the computing power, and Sichuan alone accounts for 54%; 2. The growth of China's share […]

Science | The total number of Bitcoin private keys is 2 to the power of 256. How big is this number?

Source: 3Blue1Brown Translation: Cobo Wallet When creating a digital asset wallet, a private key is generated. There are 2 256 possibilities for randomly generating a private key. Everyone says that the power of 256 is a very large number. But I am a real person. What is the concept of 256 to the power of […]

Ethereum upgrade travel map: a review of upgrade history and future planning

Author: Panzhi Xiong, research director smell chain Details of the 8 upgrade history and future plans of Ethereum, and the impact of each upgrade. Ethereum has undergone eight network upgrades in history. When we try to map the height of each forked block of history to a linear timeline, we will find that the frequency […]

Explore the Stratum V2 (Stratum V2), how to achieve the decentralization of Bitcoin mining?

In early November of this year, Slush Pool released the initial technical specification of the Stratum V2 (Stratum V2), which is a new mining protocol on how to improve the cooperation between miners and mining pools to protect the security of the Bitcoin network. This project has been under development for several years and it […]

A week's observation: the trend of digital currencies, Chinese and foreign central banks grab the lead

Summary Event: Media reports that the French central bank is expected to test digital currencies in the first quarter of 2020, and the Ethereum Istanbul upgrade is completed. China's central bank DCEP continues to accelerate, and the French central bank is expected to test digital currencies in 2020. On December 9, an article in Caijing […]

Research report | Breaking the charity problem, blockchain is a good tool for good governance

Key takeaways: 1. With the deepening of society, charity has the role of alleviating social contradictions and solving social problems. China's philanthropy has gone through four major stages, including government endorsement, corporate support, Internet support, and blockchain philanthropy. In recent years, the total value of social philanthropy and the number of social organizations have been […]

Bakkt Bitcoin Options and Cash Settlement Bitcoin Futures Officially Launched

Author: Liang CHE Bitcoin options and cash-settled bitcoin futures of crypto trading platform Bakkt were officially launched on Monday. According to Bakkt's official website, cash-settlement Bitcoin futures contracts (Bakkt ™ Bitcoin (USD) Cash Settled Monthly Futures) and Bakkt Bitcoin monthly futures options contracts (Options on Bakkt ™ Bitcoin (USD) Monthly Futures) on December 9th Singapore, […]

We analyzed 45 government blockchain tenders in the past two years: small and micro enterprises were the main bidders with a single amount of up to more than 8.5 million yuan.

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse Reprinted without authorization! Since the blockchain rose to a national strategic height on October 25, various government departments have begun to promote the layout of the blockchain. This is also evident from the government blockchain project procurement action. There are a total of 31 blockchain-related procurement […]

Beijing News: Cryptocurrency fever continues unabated, nine countries speak out in January

Beijing News reporter: Cheng Weimiao Source: Beijing News Editor's Note: The original title " Libra Coin Meets" Red Light "Digital Currency Popularity Does Not Decrease Voices of Nine Nations in One Month " Recently, according to Reuters news, the EU finance ministers agreed that private digital currencies (such as Facebook's Libra Libra) should not be […]