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Babbit Column | Four basic questions to answer before a blockchain project begins

Since General Secretary Xi Jinping raised the blockchain technology to a national strategic level on October 24, it is expected that more blockchain technology projects will begin later. Due to the universality of blockchain technology, it can be applied to multiple industries in the society, which will fully make up for the lack of existing […]

Popular science | Liquidity mechanism of crypto derivatives

Author: Allison Lu Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Editor's note: Original title was "Science | Derivative Liquidity Mechanism" In the first part of this series, we introduced synthetic assets. In this article, we will introduce different liquidity and trading mechanisms. In the process of trading crypto derivatives, liquidity is […]

Traditional finance may usher in the most bleak decade: Can it catalyze the spring of cryptocurrencies?

Author | Paul de Havilland Source | CryptoBriefing Translation | First.VIP Winny Many Wall Street veterans believe that returns on stocks and bonds will slow over the next decade. Is it time to add cryptocurrencies to the investment plan? Underperforming traditional portfolios Morgan Stanley analysts told Bloomberg: "The return prospects for the next ten years […]

Startup Proof of Impact completes Series A financing, led by asset management company Franklin Templeton Group

According to The Block, Franklin Templeton Group, a global asset management company that manages more than $ 700 billion in client assets, participated in the financing of blockchain startup Proof of Impact, but did not disclose its investment. (Source: Pixabay ) On December 12th, Amsterdam-based Proof of Impact announced the news, saying that the blockchain […]

Inventory: major thefts of crypto exchanges in 2019

Source: Changelly, Translation: First Class (First.VIP)   6 tactics, 7 thefts, and $ 500 million in losses. How are your assets? Even the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges are not 100% immune from crypto hackers, as evidenced by the hacking incidents. I took stock of the top seven cryptocurrency hacking incidents in 2019-they not only affected […]

The Filecoin testnet based on IPFS has been launched, and a new round of opportunities is coming?

Source: Shallot Blockchain At around 2 am on December 12, the Filecoin test network, which was postponed several times, was finally launched. As the first and most important application of the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) -based distributed storage and transmission protocol, Filecoin aims to provide strong incentives for IPFS, and is regarded as a feasible […]

Recruitment of blockchain talents returns to rationality: both the number of miners and the salary of mining-type companies have fallen

Source: Securities Daily Reporter Li Bing As the development of the blockchain industry becomes more rational, the market's demand for blockchain professionals is also becoming clearer. According to incomplete statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, from the middle of the year to October, the number of recruiters and salary of blockchain mining machine companies […]

The technical route of the central bank's digital currency may have been confirmed, and ICBC shoulders the heavy technical burden

Text: Interchain Pulse · Yuan Shang Source: Interchain Pulse Two months later, key officials of the central bank have changed their position on the technical route of DC / EP. I remember that on September 24th, Yi Gang, President of the People's Bank of China, said that digital currency research has made positive progress and […]

Babbitt College × Weizhong Bank Open Course 丨 Talents become the bottleneck of blockchain landing, multi-field exploration technology integration

After the 18th collective learning on the development and current status of blockchain technology on the 24th of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the entire industry has rapidly set off a wave of blockchain research and application. Under this opportunity, on December 7, Babbitt College, in conjunction with Weizhong Bank and the […]

Read the Defi popular project Synthetix in one article

Editor's Note: The original title was "Understanding Synthetix" Blue Fox Note started focusing on Synthetix in May 2019. It was not well known at the time, but its data has developed rapidly. Blue Fox Note mentioned earlier that one of the three DeFi giants (" Why DeFi is the second breakthrough in crypto history? " […]