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Thoughts on the Development of Stabilizing Coins and the Repositioning of DEX

MakerDao added a BAT mortgage asset event, once again igniting the dispute between decentralized stable currency and centralized stabilization currency. Centralized stable coins are generally issued jointly by exchanges and institutions. For example, Bitfinex and Tether cooperate to issue USDT, Binance and Paxos cooperate to issue BUSD, etc. The motivation for issuing coins is mainly […]

Babbitt column | Is the currency East a shareholder?

Imagine a company that issued shares that can be transferred using electronic payment. The maximum number of shares is 21 million shares, and the outstanding shares are 18 million shares. The rest are pending shares. The company has no income and no dividends. And the company has to pay 5 billion + US dollars each […]

Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Data collaboration technology under the chain is an important direction for the development of the alliance chain

On October 12th, the "2019 CCF Blockchain Technology Conference" hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) was held in Chengdu. At the conference, Academician Chen Chun of the Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered a speech entitled “ Regulatory Challenges of Key Technologies and Blockchains in the Alliance Blockchain ”. Core view 1. The core of […]

Facebook is again "retired"! The Libra Association’s six payment industry members now have only one

According to The block, payment giants Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago also announced their withdrawal from the Facebook Libra project following PayPal's “return”. In response, a spokesperson for eBay said that eBay highly respects the Libra Association's vision, but eBay decided not to continue as a founding member. Currently, eBay is committed to […]

Apple CEO Cook: We will not follow Facebook's cryptocurrency

According to Cointelegraph's October 4 report, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has no intention of emulating Facebook to create its own digital currency. (Source: Coindesk ) Cook said that Apple will not create digital currency On October 4th, Tim Cook accepted an interview with the French media magazine Echo. When asked if Apple […]

IKEA completes the "world's first" commercial settlement using programmable electronic money

According to Coindesk's October 3 report, IKEA Iceland conducted a commercial transaction at Ethereum, using smart contracts and licensed e-money to help local retailers Nordic Store settle orders. Image source: visualhunt According to a statement from supply chain management company Tradeshift on Tuesday, the deal was conducted on a platform provided by the company and […]