Encrypted Three Kingdoms game is about to land on the super brain chain to create killer DAPP

On August 10th, in the DApp Developer Contest held by Ultrain Super Brain Chain and Mars Finance, the DApp game project from New York, USA, encrypted the Three Kingdoms and won the second place in 15 projects. Soon after, it also Will be officially joined the Ultrain chain family. So let's take a look at it, where is its uniqueness?



Background of the project

Unseen Magic, the developer of the encrypted Three Kingdoms game, is a top game studio and blockchain development team based in New York, USA. The team members are from the US first-line Internet and game companies such as Google, Microsoft, Ninetowns, and EA. Team members have been involved in the development and operation of multiple explosion games, and have been repeatedly recommended by Apple and Android App Stores, with cumulative downloads of millions of works. At the same time, as a blockchain technology provider, Unseen Magic has provided technical solutions for the development of multiple public and stable chain and exchange projects at home and abroad.


Game overview

Encrypted Three Kingdoms is a full-asset, non-gaming multiplayer strategy game with real gameplay. In this game, the player's goal is to compete with NPCs or other players, earn rare props and three coins, and upgrade their heroes and equipment to obtain the corresponding profit through the system's dividend mechanism.

As a full-data web game, it supports mobile and PC-side operations. Although it is a card page tour, its beautiful picture, smooth operation, and different gameplay make up for the shortcomings of card games.

Encrypted Three Kingdoms is expected to formally cooperate with Ultrain in early September to log on to Ultrain's main network for in-game asset sales.




Entering the main menu of the encrypted Three Kingdoms game, you can see that its gameplay is mainly divided into the following six modes:

1, story mode: players can challenge different main lines or copy tasks, use their own heroes to defeat the enemy in the level to get the drop rewards of coins and materials.

2, the trading market: Here, players can buy new heroes from the official, or trade heroes and props with other players.

3, the peak matchup: challenge other players through PvP mode, plunder their assets, add competitive for blockchain card games.

4. Daily Treasure: Players can earn dividends by holding or destroying the three coins, or they can gain rare heroes or equipment through lottery to enhance their strength.

5. Reward: The player invites the new user to join the game. The new user fills in the promotion code at the recommendation code to get the three-level recommendation reward.

6, ladder ranking: you can view the full-chain player's power ranking, asset ranking and revenue ranking.


Game features

The core idea of ​​this game is “Drilling is mine mining”. Here, the combat power is power. In the world of Bitcoin, miners gain the advantage of computing power by upgrading mines and buying cheap electricity. In the world of encrypting the Three Kingdoms, what players need to do is to gradually upgrade their heroes and manufacturing equipment. The fighting advantage of one's own forces.

But at the same time, this is not a boring money game. Each hero has its own unique numerical model and unique skills. The match between heroes and heroes, the match between heroes and equipment, often produces unexpected surprises.

In fact, the system design of this game is very balanced, local players may be able to spend a lot of money here, get the crushing of the whole game; but ordinary non-local players can also manage their own army, so that their income is greater than the expenditure, And continue to improve their rankings through the vertical and horizontal. Collecting heroes and equipment is also one of the core fun of this game.

Currently, players can collect up to 26 names from different camps by purchasing or completing a mission. Most equipment needs to be available through material synthesis through the recipes in the equipment illustrations. Collecting and reselling rare equipment, or materials, may allow players to “get rich” in the game.


Combat system

The battle system for encrypting the Three Kingdoms uses a turn-based system. In the game, players can configure up to 3 heroes in their own queues; correspondingly, in most cases, there are also 3 heroes in the enemy's queue.

Each hero has six attributes: blood volume, force, intelligence, defense, agility and luck. Among them, blood volume and defense determine how heroes fight in battle; force and intelligence determine the effect of hero physical attack and skill attack; agility determines the order and frequency of heroes in a battle. Luck can increase the rate of material and money lost by the hero after the battle, or the efficiency of the plunder in the PvP battle.


Cooperation outlook

Encrypted Three Kingdoms project CEO Shi Pu said that blockchain games are different from ordinary DApps, often need to deal with more complex data structures, write rich game logic, horizontally compare similar public chains, Ultrain has excellent performance and excellent development experience, can Help blockchain game developers get through and get through the storm.

As the world's first commercial chain, Ultrain Super Brain Chain has a complete blockchain ecosystem. The proposed RPoS consensus mechanism can greatly improve system performance in the case of decentralization, achieving high TPS in a short period of time, and the confirmation time is less than 10 seconds. For blockchain games, nothing is more important than system performance, and the user experience is always the most important indicator of the game.

Super Brain Chain continues to polish outstanding products while providing distributed, efficient and secure underlying technology innovations, supporting GM's enterprises and developers, and is committed to becoming the world's number one commercial chain. With the addition of the encryption of the Three Kingdoms, it will surely bring a wave of new users to the super brain chain, thus prospering the super brain ecosystem.

Blockchain games are not just gambling, they are equally fun, and they have elements of normal games such as humanity, history, and feelings. The combination of the encryption of the Three Kingdoms project and the super brain chain will hopefully create a killer DApp, break the cognitive barriers of blockchain games for ordinary users, further develop the blockchain game, and further develop the blockchain.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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