Institutions Favor Ethereum Over Bitcoin: A Shift in Market Sentiment

Recent Report from Bybit Research Shows Institutions are Preferring Ethereum (ETH) over Bitcoin (BTC)

Bybit Report Ethereum (ETH) Beats Bitcoin in Institutional Holdings

🔥🤝 In a surprising twist, institutions are now showing a preference for Ethereum (ETH) over Bitcoin (BTC), according to a recent report from Bybit Research. Traditionally, institutions have been more bullish on BTC, making this change in sentiment significant.

Institutional Investors Now Allocated 40% to ETH

📈🏦 The report reveals that institutions are increasingly turning their focus towards ETH, with the trend beginning in September 2023 and gaining momentum in January 2024, reaching approximately 40% of institutional portfolios. In January 2024, institutional investors allocated 39.82% of their holdings to ETH compared to 39.49% for BTC. This is a considerable increase from the 50% to 80% allocation observed since Bybit’s last report in 2023.

🚀🐂 Institutions have allocated only 5% of their portfolio for alternate cryptocurrencies and 15% for stablecoins, indicating a clear preference for BTC and ETH. Interestingly, Ethereum has edged past Bitcoin by a slight margin, indicating growing interest among investors in these top cryptocurrencies.

Factors Contributing to Ethereum’s Performance

🔍📈 The surge of interest in Ethereum can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the anticipated Dencun upgrade, scheduled for launch in March 2024, has played a significant role in increasing Ether holdings. This upgrade aims to reduce transaction costs on Layer 2 protocols through a method called “proto-dank sharding.” While its impact may not be as significant as the Merge, the successful implementation of the Dencun upgrade is expected to provide a boost to ETH and other Layer 2 tokens.

💼💼 Additionally, market optimism surrounding the potential approval of an Ether spot ETF by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by the end of 2024 has contributed to Ethereum’s performance. If granted, this approval could elevate Ether’s status even further and increase institutional interest in the digital asset.

🌬️🔁 Moreover, other factors such as Ethereum’s deflationary supply since the shift to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), low levels of ETH held on exchanges, and increased staking activity have played a significant role in Ether’s recent outperformance of BTC.

🚀🔀 Furthermore, institutions have been observed to reduce their altcoin positions, particularly in volatile categories like meme coins, AI tokens, and BRC-20 tokens. Instead, they are focusing more on stable assets like Layer 1 tokens and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Retail Investors Still Bullish on Bitcoin

⚡💰 While institutions are choosing Ether over BTC, retail investors have differing opinions. These traders are relatively more bullish on BTC than Ether.

📊🔍 According to the report, “We have seen Bitcoin and Ether allocation percentages climbing to the highest level in the past six months. Yet it is a stark contrast that retail users have not allocated capital into Ether as significantly as institutions since our last report. Also, retail users have yet to trim their position in Bitcoin since our last report.”

💪💪 Despite the positive outlook for Ether, Bitcoin has also seen a 20% increase since the beginning of the year, outpacing the performance of the broader crypto market.

🔥🚀 This shift in market sentiment towards Ethereum has caught many by surprise. Institutions’ rising interest in ETH indicates a growing recognition of its potential as a valuable digital asset. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to see how this trend develops and if other institutions follow suit.

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