Getting started with blockchain | Why hacking the trading platform without attacking Alipay?

Let me talk about an interesting thing first:

The year before, that is, in 2017, there was a knife robbery in Hangzhou. A pair of cousins ​​made an appointment to robbery in Hangzhou, and then two people rushed to Hangzhou, one of the robbers came from Yunnan. They were robbed of three convenience stores in the vicinity of Fengqi Road near the West Lake. The result was a total of 1800 yuan in cash. Indeed, because of the existence of Alipay, cities like Hangzhou have almost entered a cashless society, and the robbers have broken their lives.

Have you ever thought about such a question: Why is Alipay not blacked out by hackers?

According to relevant statistics, there are more than 400 million users using Alipay in China. Do you think that more than 400 million people are using Alipay, how much is it? If a hacker can black out Alipay, then he will not be embarrassed for the rest of his life.

In fact, it is not the hacker who does not attack Alipay, but Alipay has a department like the SHIELD agent. The reason why we can use Alipay with peace of mind is precisely because of the existence of this "Ali SHIELD". Moreover, it is said that the "Shenzhen Shield" will recruit hackers who attack Alibaba. If the hacker can break through the firewall, they will ask the hacker to go to work in Ali, and the salary paid is very rich. And even if the last line of defense of the Alipay system was also broken, it was also the legal currency that was strictly regulated by the transfer network. It could not be taken away, and it could be traced to cause jail.

Therefore, it is not only extremely difficult for hackers to attack Alipay, but the risks they bear are also extremely high. However, although Black Alipay is a bit difficult, the cryptocurrency trading platform in the black blockchain field seems to be much easier. Some hackers use the cryptocurrency trading platform as their own cash machine, often staring at the loopholes in the trading platform. Once the trading platform is attacked by hackers, due to the anonymity of blockchain trading, the assets are lost to a large extent. Can't find it back. Therefore, hackers regard the trading platform as an almost inexhaustible cash machine with no worries.

On August 2, 2016, Bitfinex, the world's largest dollar bitcoin trading platform, caused a security breach on the website, causing the trading platform to be stolen by nearly 10,000 bitcoins, which was worth $72 million at the time. As soon as the news came out, the price of Bitcoin fell by 20%.

Bitfinex thought of various ways to try to recover this huge bitcoin. With the help of the US government, it also recovered 27.7 bitcoins, worth about 106,000 US dollars, but there were 120,000 bitcoins lost. The 27.7 pieces that were recovered are almost nine cattle and one hair. Who is better for compensation?

In addition to helping the US government, the Bitfinex trading platform also tried to negotiate with hackers and expressed willingness to provide anonymous communication to communicate with hackers. However, this method did not work, and hackers did not take care of the negotiations proposed by Bitfinex.

Bitfinex thinks that if the 120,000 bitcoins are all borne by themselves, it will be very "meat" and everyone should have the same difficulty. Thus, one week after the attack, Bitfinex official website announced that the loss will be shared by all users on the platform. Therefore, when the user logs in to the trading platform again, it is tragically found that each user loses an average of 36% of the encrypted assets.

Recently, about 300 of Bitfinex's stolen Bitcoins have been transferred for the first time since being stolen on August 2, 2016, and were transferred to 13 bitcoin addresses. These 13 bitcoin addresses are brand new. There have been any historical transactions. This means that the identity of the hacker is still difficult to trace, who is it, still do not know.

When these bitcoins can be recovered, it is still an unknown number.

If the currency of the trading platform is stolen, do you think it should be shared by all users? Or should it be borne by the trading platform itself? why? Welcome to leave a message in the message area.


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