How to sell a guy who makes money? Is the miner's money coming from the gale?


In the introductory halving in the previous issue,

Daxing threw knowledge points to new students

Bitcoin halving has the biggest impact

May be a miner

For individual miners

Halving means

First, the block reward is reduced

Second, the title of the seal block becomes more difficult

Miners need to be more professional

That is , the mining machine with more computing power can unlock

The mining machine consists of mining chips, heat sinks and fans

The chip is the core part of the miner

The more powerful the chip's performance

The more competitive the mining machine is

Accordingly, the price is higher

In addition, the miner itself is extremely power consuming

Miners need to bear in daily operations

High electricity, maintenance, and more

The cost of mining is getting higher and higher


According to the principle of "things are rare"

The harder it is to get an item

It ’s worth more

But Bitcoin is different

Soaring up and down for Bitcoin

Sprinkle water

At this time, if the price of Bitcoin unfortunately falls below the cost of mining

Miners can only insist on this loss-making sale

And if this terrible situation lasts too long

The high cost will make many individual miners

Forced to choose to exit

The previous investment may just go away.

In order to return as much as possible

Many mining unions sell mining equipment such as graphics cards at low prices

There is even a phenomenon of miners selling by the pound .

The money-making guy is so cheap

It ’s really forced by life

Searching for miners on Baidu and selling by the pound, every answer is a bitter tear

Facing huge profits in mining

Contrast with personal small power

Joining the mining pool has become the choice of more individual miners

The mining pool is a combination of scattered personal computing power

Everyone mining collectively

Since the mining pool is in operation, the results of collective labor have been dug.

So how to allocate will become the most concerned issue

There are three main distribution modes of mining pools at present

PPLNS mode

Full name Pay Per Last N Shares

share here is measured in the mining pool

Unit of workload per person

Want to participate in mining pool allocation

Work at least 1share


Use what Dastar understands

PLNS is based on the proportion of everyone's contribution

To allocate currencies in a block

Although this model sounds fair at first glance

But the shortcomings are also obvious

The results of mining every day are not certain

Sometimes when you work together, you can dig a lot

Everyone gets more

And sometimes everyone works all day

Still grainy

At this time, everyone can not share the profit


Give a chestnut

Daxing, Zhongxing and Xiaoxing work everyday

Let's move a 10kg box together

They don't know what's in this box



They moved back to a box together

Open to discover that–

Turns out to be Daxing's favorite strawberry cake

So according to their effort to move the box ,

After submitting 1kg of company cake as organization fee

Daxing got 4.5kg of cake

Zhongxing gets 3.6kg of cake, Xiaoxing gets only 0.9kg


The big, medium and small stars combination went to move the box again

And today's box turned out to be–

Yes, 10kg of stone is in the box today

So today everyone cannot share the cake

And stones are useless

So the big, medium and small stars combination has no income today

This is the instability of earnings under the PPLNS model

In addition to instability

PPLNS model also has income lag

For example, Daxing added a new

PPLNS moving box factory

The above is in the PPLNS mode

Lagging of returns-

Joined at the wrong time

You can only wait for the next round to maximize the benefits

So in PPLNS mode

The eternal wealth code is

Next we look at the PPS mode

Full name Pay Per Share

Pay for each share

That is, in PPS mode

The system estimates the average daily profit of the mining pool

And your workload

According to the proportion, the mining pool pays you instantly

Daily fixed income


In this mode

Mining pool pays for your share

How much you do

Will definitely get the corresponding reward

Take the combination of big, medium and small stars as an example

So according to the strength ratio of big, medium and small stars

They get every day

3kg, 2kg, 0.5kg cake

There may be digital geniuses to discover

Compared with the previous cake

Less cakes here

This is because the boss has undertaken

The risk of stones in the box you moved back into

So, big, medium and small stars have to pay the boss

More organization and handling fees

So as to maintain the boss's capital chain

No problem with occasional big stones

Back to the problem of mining pool allocation

Compared with PPLNS mode

Even if the share is out, there is no mining

Risk of not getting money

The PPS model takes this risk

Transferred from the miner to the operator of the mining pool

From this perspective, the PPS mode is particularly friendly to miners

The risk is greater for the mining pool operator

At this time, in order to balance the operator

PPS mode will require miners to give pool operators

Pay a higher percentage of fees

Take Bitcoin mining pool as an example

The percentage of fees charged under the three modes is generally

PPLNS: 1% -1.5%

RPOP: about 1%

PPS: 4% or higher

The last mode to introduce is PROP

Short for proper

Provide knowledge points for students in grades 4 and 6

This allocation method is very similar to PPLNS

It is also distributed according to the share of miners

The difference is that in PROP mode

When the mining pool finds a block, it broadcasts to the entire network

After 120 confirmations to generate a real block

Bitcoin is distributed to miners proportionally

Or return to the big, medium and small star combination

Everyone worked together to move back to the box and open

Compare PPLNS

PROP miners' earnings lag longer

But in the long run

The benefits of both models are the same

And since PROP is confirmed as a real block, then dividends

The risk of mining pool operators is relatively lower than PPLNS

So in the fee mentioned earlier

PROP mode is also slightly lower than PPLNS

The above are the three main distribution modes of the mining pool

It can be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages

Miners are choosing

I will also judge from different dimensions according to my needs

After introducing these, Daxing wants to say

Mining in the eyes of outsiders

May have all kinds of magic labels

But in fact most miners

Still refuse to be labeled like this

They may just be in this industry

Unusual computer genius

Of course, it might be in this industry

A group of people with the most breath of rivers and lakes .

In this issue we talked about the group that has the biggest impact on Bitcoin halving-miners, and the current working model of miners. So in the face of the extremely high heat brought by halving, can we ordinary people now join the mining team? What needs to be prepared? The mining machine is so expensive, fast and fast. How can a novice buy a mining machine? Pay attention to the chain star, in the next issue we will talk about the ordinary, I also want to join the miners' team, is there any hope ~
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