Ultra rich individuals spark new life in Crypto VC space Struck Capital Founder.

According to Struck Capital's founding partner, the cryptocurrency venture capital industry is now experiencing renewed interest following a relatively quiet year.

💰 Crypto VC Space Sees Renewed Interest from High Net-Worth Individuals and Family Offices

Last updated: March 15, 2024 03:59 EDT | 2 min read

Shalini Nagarajan

The crypto VC space is buzzing with excitement once again! After a year of relative quiet, high net-worth individuals and family offices are flocking back to the blockchain technology and financial field, according to Adam Struck, founding partner of Struck Capital. In an interview with Blocking.net, Struck highlighted the significant impact of US Spot Bitcoin ETFs on the VC industry’s sentiment, with institutions like BlackRock and Fidelity taking the lead.

🚀 From Skepticism to Acceptance

Struck revealed that most of their Limited Partners (LPs) now see crypto as a legitimate asset class, something that should be a part of a diversified portfolio. This shift in mindset is thanks to the SEC’s approval of Spot ETFs, which have gained legitimacy and changed the perception of cryptocurrencies among investors. As a result, Struck Capital has been experiencing a surge in interest from LPs who are eager to get in on the action.

💼 Investing in Crypto-Native Tech Companies

Struck Capital manages a $115 million fund that focuses on investing in crypto-native tech companies rather than cryptocurrencies themselves. Some of the companies in their portfolio include 1inch, Algorand, CoinFLEX, Liquify, and Shardeum. Despite the downturn in the market last year, Struck remained committed to their strategy and is now reaping the rewards.

🔮 The Quest for Improved User Experience and Security

Looking ahead, Struck Capital is on the lookout for exceptional founders with unique insights, driven by the right motivations when building their ventures. They pay attention to factors like tokenomics and vesting periods to ensure that projects are not just looking for a quick pump-and-dump scheme. Additionally, they are particularly interested in modular blockchains, which specialize in specific functions rather than trying to do it all. Struck has already invested in Eclipse Labs, a company in this sector that recently raised $50 million.

💪 Core Infrastructure and User Experience

Struck Capital is constantly seeking projects that leverage new ecosystem proposals to make the user interface and experience more intuitive. They are particularly interested in companies that use machine learning models and AI to stay one step ahead of hackers and improve infrastructure safety for the average user.

⭐ The Enduring Impact of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

When it comes to Bitcoin’s long-term trajectory, Struck believes that Spot Bitcoin ETFs will continue to exert significant influence on prices. The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs by entities like Fidelity and BlackRock creates immense buy pressure as they purchase thousands of Bitcoin to back up the ETFs. Additionally, rumors of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates considering significant Bitcoin purchases could further drive up prices.

🔮 Future Outlook and Strategies

Based on the current trends and developments, the crypto VC space is poised for continued growth and success. As more institutional investors embrace cryptocurrencies, fund managers like Struck Capital have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this favorable environment. Investing in crypto-native tech companies and focusing on user experience and security are key strategies for sustained success in this field.

🤔 Q&A: What Readers Might Be Interested In

  1. What are the advantages of modular blockchains? Modular blockchains allow for specialization in specific functions, making them more efficient and effective compared to blockchains that try to cover all aspects. By borrowing different features from various blockchains and integrating them into a Layer-2 capacity, modular blockchains offer scalability, security, and decentralization without compromising on any of these key aspects.

  2. How do Spot Bitcoin ETFs impact BTC prices? Spot Bitcoin ETFs generate significant buy pressure as institutions like Fidelity and BlackRock purchase thousands of Bitcoin to back up these ETFs. This increased demand can drive up Bitcoin prices. Additionally, rumors of big players like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates considering substantial Bitcoin purchases could further impact prices.

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