19 days, 44 policies are favorable, the blockchain industry is accelerating into the fast lane

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On October 25, the national leader presided over the collective study meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and listed blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation technology.

In the following 19 days, local governments around the country issued 44 related policies to encourage the development of blockchain, involving 20 provinces.

Government affairs, healthcare, finance, and smart cities have all become the most important areas for blockchain implementation by local governments.

In the process of actively advancing the implementation of the blockchain, local governments are also trying to combine their own advantages and local characteristics. For example, in Shanxi, energy has become a key area for blockchain implementation.

Internet giants such as BAT have also revealed their own blockchain ambitions. Tencent is actively preparing for a blockchain virtual bank, Baidu values ​​smart cities, and Ali targets small and micro enterprises and individual developers.

01 policy first

On October 25, a speech from China's top leaders once again set off a wave of blockchain across the country.

For half a month, local governments across the country have followed up and introduced a series of new policies to encourage the development of the blockchain industry.

According to a summary of the public information of the blockchain, from October 25 to November 12, local governments including Hebei, Guangxi, and Tibet issued at least 44 policy documents that encouraged the development of the blockchain.

A wave of blockchain has quietly started.

The blockchain support policies of local governments also have distinct local characteristics.

Take Shanxi as an example. This energy province hopes to let blockchain technology promote the Shanxi energy revolution.

On November 12, the Shanxi Daily published an article "Let the Blockchain Boost the Shanxi Energy Revolution." It is mentioned that the blockchain has a wide range of application potentials in the energy field and is gradually becoming an important application direction in the energy field.

Shanxi is a major energy province in China. The energy industry should actively integrate blockchain technology to lay a solid foundation for the energy revolution and transformation and development.

And Chen Hao, the secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that the blockchain technology should be promoted to modern management and brand building of cloud-based specialty industries such as cloud medicine, cloud tea, cloud flower, and cloud fruit.

In the field of agriculture, blockchain technology can make agricultural development more accurate, make market docking more convenient, and better release the value of modern agriculture.

In terms of policy, some local governments have also quickly established a blockchain industry support fund to attract blockchain companies to take root in local places.

Guangzhou took the lead and released the “Detailed Implementation Measures for Several Measures to Accelerate the Leading Change of the Blockchain Industry in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone of Guangzhou City”, giving a 1 billion blockchain industry fund and preferential conditions of up to 10 million subsidies.

The "Implementation Rules" states that Guangzhou will choose two public chain, alliance chain projects or enterprises each year, and grant 50% research and development subsidies, up to 10 million yuan for public chains and 3 million yuan for alliance chains.

In addition, for enterprises that provide information services on blockchain demonstration projects, if the blockchain application construction reaches more than 30 or 50 nodes and the effective transaction volume reaches more than 1,000 or 5,000, the Guangzhou government will grant 300,000 and 50 at one time, respectively. Ten thousand yuan in funding.

Kunming also does not want to be left behind. On October 28, the Kunming Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued "Several Policies to Support the Development of the Digital Economy (Trial)", which mentioned that a maximum subsidy of 10 million yuan was used for demonstration applications in scenarios such as blockchain.

Qingdao has also given the strongest subsidy measures to blockchain companies.

In an interview with local media, the operation manager of Qingdao Information Technology Incubation Base stated that a series of enterprises such as blockchain can apply for subsidies for high-tech enterprises in Qingdao High-tech Zone.

"This high-tech enterprise subsidy is the highest in the entire city of Qingdao, and it can get 600,000 in three years." He said.

02Achievement landing

It is not difficult to see from the policies and documents issued by various local governments that government affairs, medical care, finance, and smart cities are the areas where the local government is most concerned and is actively promoting the implementation of blockchain.

On October 30, an article from Xinhua Online Review pointed out that in the field of government affairs, data exchange and information sharing across regions, departments, and levels have not yet been completed, and many government services face an orderly connection of the "last mile" The problem is that business collaboration is not at its best.

Blockchain technology can promote the establishment of trust and consensus among government departments, while ensuring data security, promote cross-border sharing of government data, and improve the integration of government services.

The governments of Hunan, Hebei, Guizhou and other places have all proposed solutions to promote the implementation of blockchain government services in this area.

Taking Loudi, Hunan as an example, the local government has developed the government blockchain basic network platform, real estate blockchain information sharing platform, industrial and commercial tax blockchain registration service platform, and a state-owned blockchain competitive deposit platform. Application platform.

Yang Yong, deputy general manager of Hunan Wisdom Government Affairs, said in an interview with Mutual Chain Pulse that within one year from November 2018, the registration of 150,000 households and 350,000 sets of real estate in Loudi City had been completed. And benefiting from the blockchain technology, Loudi people shortened the settlement time from 5 working days to less than 6 hours when they registered for real estate mortgage at the bank.

Another focus of local governments is blockchain + healthcare. A book of blockchain statistics found that recently, at least five governments have issued documents regarding the medical field as one of the key areas for the implementation of blockchain technology.

In Taizhou, Zhejiang, blockchain-based electronic receipts have already landed in major hospitals.

The latest data shows that at present, more than 400 medical institutions at all levels, including Zhejiang University First Hospital, Zhejiang University Second Hospital, and Zhejiang University Shaw Run Hospital, have been “chained”, and the number of electronic bills for medical charges has exceeded 100 million , The amount exceeds 4 billion yuan.

Blockchain's earliest financial field has also become one of the areas that local governments focus on.

On November 2, the main forum of the third Qiantangjiang Forum was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Zhou Jiangyong, secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, stated that we must adhere to technology empowerment, digital drive, and accelerate the in-depth application of core technologies such as blockchain in the financial field.

In the border province of Guangxi, a pilot project of a cross-border financial blockchain service platform led by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange was conducted to alleviate the problems of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises.

The current platform pilot includes two business scenarios, namely "export receivables financing (after delivery)" and "enterprise cross-border credit information authorization verification".

03 BAT Athletic

Recently, Internet giants such as BAT have also frequently moved in the field of blockchain.

At the Second World Blockchain Conference on November 8th, Cai Yun Ge, general manager of Tencent's blockchain business, revealed that Tencent has won the Hong Kong virtual banking license and is preparing the blockchain virtual banking team.

The blockchain virtual bank mentioned by Cai Yongge, the virtual bank Fusion Bank owned by Tencent, is a joint venture formed by Tencent, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

In June this year, Tencent issued two personnel orders: the company's vice president Lai Zhiming will no longer be the head of Tencent's fintech business, but will be assigned to the Hong Kong virtual bank Infinium Limited initiated by Tencent Investment, as chairman .

Lin Haifeng has been promoted to Vice President of the company, and is fully responsible for the management and development of Tencent's fintech business. He no longer serves as the joint head of Tencent's investment and acquisition department.

From these two personnel adjustments, it is not difficult to see Tencent's ambitions in blockchain virtual banking.

The development direction of Baidu in the field of blockchain is to provide technical support for the development of smart cities. The key product is its own Superchain (XuperChain).

The Superchain combines AI and big data capabilities, and by deploying blockchain nodes on various departments, institutions and IoT devices in the city, it creates a sovereign blockchain concept of smart cities.

At present, Baidu Super Chain has cut into four major scenarios: smart medical, smart justice, smart government affairs, and intelligent transportation, and has started piloting smart cities.

Baidu's smart city strategy in the blockchain field is also closely related to its "AI strategy".

"Smart cities need to improve the overall intelligence of the city through artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, cloud computing and even autonomous driving technology." Xiao Wei, head of the Baidu Blockchain Lab, said at the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference .

Alibaba's layout in the blockchain field is completed by Ant Financial within its ecosystem, and its main development direction is the alliance chain.

In the field of blockchain, Ali once again aimed at small and micro enterprises and individual developers, and tried to build a low-cost, low-threshold, open and inclusive blockchain service network.

"How to build a blockchain service network that everyone can reach and benefit more participants?" At the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference, Li Jieli, the head of the Ant Blockchain BaaS platform, pointed out, "What we proposed The direction of exploration is to open the alliance chain. "

As of now, the ant blockchain open alliance chain has been launched and a small-scale public beta has been launched, and is expected to be officially launched in three months.

In 19 days, a series of favorable policies were introduced closely, and blockchain practitioners were all rejoicing.

A series of applications such as blockchain medical care and blockchain government affairs are being strongly supported by policies. The blockchain killer application that people have been discussing may come out of it.

Obviously, the development of China's blockchain industry is on the fast track.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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