38,000 new addresses added in one day, DeFi and Istanbul upgraded to inject new blood into Ethereum

In terms of creating new wallets, Ethereum is by far the fastest growing blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry. Ethereum users have created 38,164 new wallets in the past 24 hours alone.


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The new data for this wallet comes from the blockchain analysis company Intotheblock. Following Ethereum are Cardano and Bitcoin SV, with 4,511 and 2,110 new wallets added respectively. According to the company's website, the company defines a new wallet as a wallet created within the previous 24 hours.

"In terms of the number of new addresses entering the network, do you know which are the fastest growing assets?

The fastest growing assets in the last 24 hours: #Ethereum 38000 new addresses #Cardano 4500 new addresses #BitcoinSV 2100 new addresses #ethereumclassic 531 new addresses #BAT 435 new addresses

— Intotheblock (@intotheblock) December 4, 2019 "

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Ethereum's more than 38,000 new addresses do not represent a weird increase in network users. A few days before the above tweet was published, Intotheblock released Ethereum-specific statistics, indicating that the network has continued to grow at a significant rate. According to a report on December 2, within 24 hours, more than 70,000 new addresses were created, while almost 24,000 addresses left the network at the same time.

Network activity can be a good measure of the health of crypto assets

In the last 24 hours, #Ethereum:

A new address of 70.71k has been created.️ 23.94k address has left the network. There are 244.7k active addresses.

The Ethereum network is constantly evolving. — Intotheblock (@intotheblock) December 2, 2019 WX20191206-145614 @ 2x

In ConsenSys' latest version of " Ethereum by the Numbers, " the blockchain research startup identified this smart contract platform as encouraging growth in other areas as well. Taken together, these factors may constitute many of the new wallets recently added to the network.

# 以太 坊 数码 # 9 million + blocks have been mined. 6 Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) are expected to be implemented with the Istanbul upgrade to implement Gods Unchained blockchain games to achieve 7 million + 4 million transactions + DAI Locked 500 million + USD locked in DeFi Dapp development tool Truffle Downloads 2.6 million +

Outbreak-Joseph Lubin (@ethereumJoseph) December 2, 2019 The above post focused on DeFi (Decentralized Finance), one of the most active applications in the Ethereum network. As of press time, according to DAppTotal.com data, nearly $ 937 million was locked in DeFi applications-a number that has been growing rapidly in 2019.

WX20191206-143901 @ 2x

Data source: DAppTotal.com

The Ethereum network is also preparing for major updates in the coming days. As we all know, Istanbul will introduce six new Ethereum Improvement Protocols (EIP). These measures are designed to increase resilience against DOS attacks, enable interoperability between Zcash and the Ethereum network, and allow the use of more complex smart contracts.

Despite recent apparent activity around the Ethereum network, the price of the second largest digital asset by market value has yet to emerge from an independent market. ETH generally keeps pace with other crypto assets, the upcoming hard fork, the explosive growth of DeFi, and tens of thousands of new users apparently without adding any additional buying pressure for Ethereum relative to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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