Analysis of the market: the market is low and the market is rebounding.


BTC: BTC tested the support of 11,000 knives for two consecutive days and got support. Then it started to oscillate. The lower support was 11,000 knives, the upper pressure was 12,000 knives, and the current price was 11,745 knives. The technical MACD double line runs smoothly downwards. The KDJ three lines form a dead fork near the middle rail. The third line tends to be stable, and the sales volume continues to enlarge, weak, and pay attention to risks.


ETH: ETH followed the broader market to expand the low position adjustment. After the failure of the 50MA attack yesterday, it continued to run below 50MA today, and the current price is 273.43. After the technical surface MACD fast passivation, it continues to run downwards, the sales volume is enlarged, the KDJ three-line middle rail forms a dead fork, the third line continues to diverge, the short-term market is weak, pay attention to the market trend and control risks.


EOS: After two days of violent decline, EOS rebounded stronger than BTC and other mainstream currencies. In the early stage, it supported a shock consolidation market around 4.60 knives. The current price is 4.77 knives. The MACD passivation of the technical side continues to be downward, and the KDJ is under the entanglement of the third line. The market situation is uncertain before paying attention to risks.


LTC: LTC is weak, following the market and mainstream coins in the lower support platform 100 knife position shock consolidation, the price is short-term support at 100MA, currently quoted 103 knives. Technical indicators MACD in the 0-axis passivation continues downward, the amount can be amplified, KDJ three-line lower rail continues to entangle, pay close attention to the market trend, control risk.

The official analysis of the block chain of Baiyi District is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Although the accuracy is high, please invest rationally. According to this, the consequences are at your own risk. The Baiyi District Fast Chain does not assume any legal responsibility.

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