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Undercurrent surging, ERC-20 BTC is stirring the market

Author: Mr. Zhang Source: Crypto Valley Borrowing is an old business, very old and old. Ancient Chinese books record that in the history of the Jews, the red-headed businessman Hu Xueyan started his business from a money bank, and modern bankers started by borrowing money as leverage. A very similar financial history is happening in […]

Does Tether manipulate the market?

As an important part of the encryption ecosystem, Tether's stable currency USDT market value is currently ranked fourth, and it accounts for more than 80% of the stable currency market. However, the company has been controversial all the time: inflated stable currency, no asset support; manipulated the market, affected the price movement of cryptocurrency (BTC); […]

Babbitt Watch | Soul Torture: Is the cross-chain BTC still a "real" BTC?

In 2019, it was considered to be the first year of cross-chain. Cosmos and IRISnet, which attracted much attention, launched the main network in March. After the cross-chain agreement IBC was launched in November, it is expected to achieve interconnection. Polkdadot will also launch the main network in the fourth quarter of this year. Have […]

BTC search volume has climbed to a record high, and the mysterious netizen 4Chan's currency price forecast has to be realized?

According to's September 3 report, BTC's Google search volume suddenly jumped to its highest level ever, and its search volume doubled compared with the peak of the 17-year bull market. Currently, BTC searches are higher than bitcoin, and bitcoin searches are even higher than Brexit. BTC Google global search volume surge The BTC search […]

What is the difference between ETH and BTC, with a market value of $170 billion?

What is Ethereum? First, what is the Ethereum? Simply put, the so-called Ethereum (ETH) is a kind of digital currency that comes with the Ethereum blockchain system. Just like Bitcoin in the Bitcoin system, it can be obtained by mining miners who maintain the Ethereum network. There may be a small partner to ask, is […]

Quotes: ETH/BTC reaches 6 months low, indicating strong compensatory signal

According to analysts, after the BTC rebounded for three consecutive trading days, the cumulative short-term increase was 23%. From the 24-hour volume performance, the volume contracted to 20.3 billion US dollars. At this time, we observed that ETH/BTC reached a numerical low of 0.025, which is the historical lowest point of the ratio of ETH […]

BTC, ETH continues to rise, how to look at the market outlook and profit grasp

Bitcoin analysis: Bitcoin's $10,000 price is a major psychological barrier for the encrypted digital asset market. After reaching above $10,000, the long-term trend of digital assets is still optimistic, but there must be a shockback in this process. However, the probability of a sharp rise in the second half of 2017 is relatively small. Because […]

Market analysis: BTC double bottom formation, rebound immediately

In the early morning, the callback was again reversed. In the short term, the trend of Bitcoin formed a double bottom trend, and the latter bottoming behavior once again broke the low point, and the downtrend was deeper. Then, after the second test, the bulls still There is no strong rebound, there are signs of […]

Analyst: BTC fell sharply, price may be adjusted back to $5,200

The BTC price in the Bitstamp exchange has plummeted to a minimum of $6,200. According to rumors, the decline was caused by a large number of sell orders in the Bitstamp exchange, because in this big fall, it has a price gap of over $500 with mainstream exchanges such as Coinbase. “Bitstamp has a large […]

Bitcoin price forecast: BTC will reach 700,000 US dollars?

Recently, a large "bitcoin whale" was discovered in the cryptocurrency market. According to reports, Bitcoin whales have just transferred bitcoin worth more than $250 million from a very old bitcoin address. Such large-scale changes may have a huge impact on the value of digital currencies. However, orders of this nature do not pass the normal […]