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12 charts interpreting the crypto market in November NFT recovery is strong, most indicators continue to grow.

The total on-chain transaction volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased by 29.8% after adjustment, reaching a tot...

El Salvador’s Bitcoin-Loving President Steps Aside to Woo Voters for Reelection

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, a proponent of Bitcoin, has stepped down from his position after securing a leave ...

Swim or Sink Bitcoin’s Soaring Water Footprint Puts Mining Regulations in Hot Water, Says Report

Bitcoin Critic Claims Each Transaction Uses Enough Water to Fill a Pool, Stirring Debate Among Fashionistas

Bull Runs: Ignited by ESG Winds and Ignition Events

Attention all Fashionistas! ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investors may have the power to trigger the n...

Crypto and Blockchain News with a Dash of Humor

Crypto News for Fashionistas Illuvium Teams Up with Esports Giant Team Liquid, Nansen Debuts Nansen 2, Trulioo Launch...

Cryptocurrency Adoption: A Rigid Revolution

EToro CEO predicts increased Bitcoin adoption through institutional investment and improved user experience.

New Hut: Where Crypto Mining Meets Power Moves

New Hut reported that it has access to an impressive 825 megawatts of gross energy through its six sites, thanks to i...

Bitcoin From Boiling the Oceans to Draining Them – a Critical Perspective

According to Alex De Vries, a data scientist at the Dutch National Bank, each bitcoin transaction consumes enough wat...

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