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Wall Street capital forces palace, Silicon Valley elite trust crisis and crypto sweetness

Production: CoinVoice Hero love Born in 1976, Jack Dorsey is also the CEO of Twitter of the United States and the CEO of Square, an electronic payment platform. The $ 4 billion Silicon Valley elite has now encountered a major career challenge. According to Bloomberg, Twitter's new shareholder, Elliott Management Investments, already holds a significant […]

The Power Without License: Accelerating the Start of Encryption

Foreword: One of the most powerful powers of the crypto world is its composability, which comes from permissionlessness. Because the blockchain is open, not controlled by a single company or organization, uninterruptible, and cannot be tampered with, it has completely new characteristics. This makes the smart contract platform a license-free platform on which license-free protocols […]

Why does non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) have the opportunity to erupt in the crypto world?

Editor's note: The original title was "Why NFT has the opportunity to break out in the crypto world? 》 There are not many real landings in the crypto world. Currently, there are mainly Bitcoin, fiat currency-backed stablecoins, and Ethereum's DAO (currently DeFi). There will be more breakthroughs and explorations in the future, but from the […]

Platform-as-a-service company StrongSalt receives $3 million in financing, and will soon release an encrypted API platform

According to foreign media today, consulting firm Valley Capital Partners invested $3 million in encryption platform as a service company, StrongSalt. Image source: According to a September 26 press release, StrongSa raised $3 million from Valley Capital Partners in a round of seed financing to further develop a cryptographic asset platform designed for developers and […]