DAPP trend list: gaming is no longer popular funds into the mainstream

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The DAPP market rebounded slightly last week. According to DAPP Review data, EOS's 7-day transaction volume reached $159 million, Ethereum reached $47 million, and TRON reached $94 million.

At present, the funding DAPP is still the main force of popularity. The EOS fund game EOS GLOBAL has grown rapidly this week. On April 29th, the fund game reached 280,48 active users, and the 7-day transaction volume reached 7.5 million EOS transactions (about 230 million yuan).

DAPP Review staff told BlockBeats that EOS GLOBAL has an active data of 28,048 users, and the data on the 7th trading volume of 7.5 million EOS transactions is also true. In the current market, this game can quickly attract so many players and funds, showing that the team's fund operation is very good.

On April 24th, the number of EOS main network accounts has exceeded 1 million . At the Yunqi 2050 EOS conference on April 27th, many DAPP teams and developers in the EOS circle made a lot of discussions about blockchain game development and EOS ecology.

The EOS Knights team believes that blockchain games should meet the following elements: use cryptocurrencies, develop open game rules, return ownership to users, and open source code. At present, the development opportunities of blockchain games mainly include: hybrid games, which can get rid of the limitations of DAPP games; new platforms, such as wave field, Link, etc.; version iteration and innovation, with a steady stream of vitality; chain transformation of traditional games The market potential is huge.

Earlier we reported that all the vulnerabilities on the EOS, the wave field may be reproduced. In this issue, multiple DAPPs were attacked by hacker-casting transactions.

According to the PeckShield wind control platform DAPP Shield, in the past few days, 17 wave field quiz DAPPs have been dealt back to the rollback attack, a total loss of 33,933 TRX.

According to preliminary analysis by PeckShield security personnel, hackers continue to place fixed bets on multiple DAPP contract addresses by deploying attack contracts. Each time a bet is initiated, if the profit is successful, the transaction will continue. Otherwise, rollback will be implemented to ensure that each win will be successful. The rate of return is fixed. This type of attack, which was previously widespread in the EOS public chain, has widespread harm and is now spreading to the TRON ecosystem.

EOS leaderboard

The top 3 EOS charts in this issue are Hashbaby, PRA Candybox and Token Planet. EOS last week was 94,307 active users.

TRON leaderboard

The top 3 TRON rankings in this issue are PLAYFUN, OCDapp and Gakex. TRON last week was active at 43,226.

ETH leaderboard

The top 3 of this ETH list are called My Crypto Heroes, IDEX and Playtowin.io . ETH last week was 10,422 active users.

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