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Video | A "Blockchain Village" Story (Part 2)

If a ledger is secure and credible, we also need to prevent someone from secretly altering it. How does the blockchain ensure the accuracy of the information recorded in the ledger every time? In this issue of "100 Blockchain Forums", Fang Jun, a consulting partner of Huobi University, will take us to discuss how the […]

How can blockchain projects be profitable? | Back to common sense

"Profit" has always been the focus of many people in the blockchain industry. But so far, there are very few blockchain projects that can take root and blossom, and very few can achieve profit. This is because most blockchain projects have not found the right profit model. In this article, the author analyzes the public, […]

Why build a unified blockchain underlying infrastructure? | Back to common sense

The content of this article is connected to the previous one. The author pointed out in the article that the public chain is not the operating system of the blockchain system, and introduced the correct blockchain system architecture. Dr. Gao Chengshi believes that the development of blockchain requires the establishment of a unified underlying infrastructure […]

What can the blockchain do? What can't you do? | Back to common sense

Blockchain is not a universal technology. There are many problems that blockchain can do, but there are also many problems that cannot be solved by blockchain. What the blockchain can and cannot do is a problem that often confuses beginners. This article analyzes the blockchain technology from the technical level, application level, and system level. […]

Understanding Blockchain from Scratch: The Basics of Blockchain Technology

During the Spring Festival of 2020, Mutual Chain Pulse launched a column entitled "Return to Common Sense and Understand Blockchain". Authorized by Dr. Gao Chengshi, a PhD in cryptography and a member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, selected the wonderful chapter of his book "Return to Common Sense: Dr. Gao's […]

Introduction to Blockchain | Unknown Secrets in "Blockchain Village" …

Author: Fang Jun Source: Big coffee lead reading Suppose there is a village called "Chain Village", a village on the blockchain. In a village, there is naturally some money between households, so it is necessary to keep accounts. Let's discuss: First, the process from centralized accounting to distributed accounting. Second, who is responsible for bookkeeping? […]

Analysis | 3 key indicators to measure the performance of the blockchain network

Original author: MixBytes Compilation: First Class (First.VIP) Key indicators for measuring blockchain performance include: 1. Blockchain node indicators (number of blocks produced, number of transactions processed, processing time, completion time, etc.) 2. P2P subsystem indicators (number of hit / miss requests, number of active users, number and structure of P2P traffic, etc.) 3. System node […]