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Operators accelerate the deployment of blockchain, and the 1 billion output value in the telecommunications blockchain field is about to be released?

Author: Yanyao Ping Source: Shallot Blockchain Blockchain industry tide is coming, operators bring 5G strength to assist In the new wave of digital economy upgrading, the competition in the blockchain highlands is intensifying. "5G and the blockchain are mutually empowering. 5G aims to realize the interconnection of all things, and the blockchain is intended to […]

Babbitt Site | Telecom Industry Blockchain Exploration at a Glance, 3 Major Operators Unlock 8 Application Cases

On December 19, a special series of "Intelligent + Academy" blockchain series China Internet Association training jointly organized by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Internet Association and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was held in Beijing. Liang Wei, the head of China Telecom's blockchain business R & D, shared the theme […]

Large-scale Korean companies such as Samsung and LG will jointly launch a blockchain-based mobile identification system

According to a report by South Korea’s local English-language media, The Korea Times, on July 15, industry sources said on July 14 that a large group of companies consisting of three financial services companies, three mobile operators and a technology giant The company has formed a business partnership and will launch a blockchain-based mobile identification […]