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Analysis: Why did Twitter founder Jack Dorsey develop protocols instead of platforms?

Author: Wang Guangzhong Editor's Note: The original title was "Negotiate Agreements, No Platforms" On December 11, 2019, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeted that he would invest in setting up an independent open standards R & D team to develop a set of protocols for social applications. The ultimate goal is to make Twitter a client […]

+ Government | Government is doing these things with blockchain

Text: Huang Xueyi Produced by: Odaily Planet Daily Recently, many governments have successively introduced favorable policies, provided supporting infrastructure, and laid out industrial blockchains. While empowering other industries, government departments are also becoming "customers" of the blockchain, such as applying the blockchain to government affairs systems. As early as July 2017, Beijing issued the "Implementation […]

Observation | The story of the application layer is difficult to continue. How does the public chain live through 2020?

Since 2016, most of the public chains have been developing according to the same story template–launching the mainnet, establishing a developer community, and building DApps; but now this development route has not worked, both for investors and speculators. Tired of this logic. The picture on the left is the number of new DApps per month […]

Yao Qian: Quantum Money: An Academic Imagination

Text: Yao Qian (then general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, former director of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the Central Bank) Source: Tsinghua Financial Review This article believes that whether quantum computing makes blockchain and digital currencies lose their development significance is not conclusive in the short term. But with the […]

Ethereum 2019: year after year, continuous expansion

Editor's note: Original title was "Ethereum 2019" Foreword: 2019 is clearly the winter of crypto. Nevertheless, the project is still under construction and things continue. Among them, the Ethereum ecology has made great progress. The most noticeable is DeFi, and in addition, its network, DApp, and developer ecosystem have also made continuous progress. In any […]

One article about Ethereum's "Ice Age": this could be the last delay

Ethereum block difficulty growth started in November 2016. Since then, developers have been forced to make a hard fork to keep the network up and running until transitioning to a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. In the preliminary preparations for the Istanbul upgrade implemented on December 8, 2019, the Ethereum team once again decided to postpone the […]

Atlas of Chinese Blockchain Listed Companies (2019)

Author: Lin Zeling This report was jointly released by Null One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute. According to the statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, 215 blockchain concept stocks are distributed in the five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, with 43 in Beijing, 40 in Shenzhen, 13 in Hangzhou, […]

Observation | The Last Public Chain: Who is the Last King?

Author: FYJ Source: BlockBeats Editor's Note: The original title was "The Last Public Chain" This article records the story before and after my interview with the Near team in San Francisco, and describes the efforts of a group of "reliable" people to solve some "simple" problems in the industry. Walking out of the Blockchain Week […]

Discussion: The Future of Open Finance, Public Chain and Alliance Chain

Recently, X-Order invited some friends in the blockchain industry to discuss the value capture of the chain from the perspective of the project party, the investor, and the industry observer. The following is a record of some wonderful discussions, hoping to give some inspiration to those who are still advancing in the industry, enjoy ~ […]

A man who knows cryptocurrencies better than Xiaozha forms the Blue Sky team and wants to "rule" decentralized social media standards

This article comes from Yahoo Finance , the original author: Leigh Cuen Translator: Odaily Planet Daily Moni Jack Dorsey, a man who is considered to have a better understanding of cryptocurrencies than Mark Zuckerberg, is now making new attempts in the field of decentralized technology. According to a recent tweet from Jack Dorsey, he will […]