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How does the blockchain technology solution fit into the industrial ecology? 丨 Babbitt Industry Welcome Class

On February 28th, in the fourth lesson of the Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, Xu Yutao, the chief innovation consultant of Microsoft's Omni-channel Business Unit, shared the theme of "Practical Truth: How to Integrate Blockchain Technology Solutions into the Industrial Ecology". The following is a summary of the content of this course, and the detailed content […]

Bakkt will partner with Starbucks to launch bitcoin payment business

According to Trustnodes' October 28 report, Bakkt, a new platform of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), announced that it will jointly launch a payment service with Starbucks for the first time. Image source: pixabay Bakkt said: “In the past year, we have formed a strong team of payment engineers, and our core payment and […]

Bakkt is finally here, it’s time to buy a Starbucks with it.

Bakkt is finally here. That's right, Bakkt is finally here. After months of deliberation, speculation and regulatory setbacks, Bakkt, a cryptocurrency exchange backed by the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft and Starbucks, has finally embarked on the road to success. On Monday (July 22), Bakkt will fully test the first regulated physical delivery bitcoin futures […]

Starbucks, the whole food supermarket and other US retail giants collectively announced the acceptance of encrypted goods

After the Forbes magazine reported that Starbucks and Whole Foods Supermarket have accepted bitcoin payments, the blockchain media has given more names to US retail giants that have accepted encrypted digital payments. They are: Lowes (the second largest home building materials company in the United States, with a market capitalization of $83.3 billion) Gamestop […]

Use the blockchain to find the source of coffee, Starbucks has done it for you.

The coffee company Starbucks also wants to become a technology company, and the company's leadership turned to an ally in Seattle to improve its digital business. At the Microsoft Build Developer conference held yesterday, the two companies discussed a series of plans they are working on, including using machine learning to collect customer preferences, connecting […]