Use the blockchain to find the source of coffee, Starbucks has done it for you.

The coffee company Starbucks also wants to become a technology company, and the company's leadership turned to an ally in Seattle to improve its digital business.


At the Microsoft Build Developer conference held yesterday, the two companies discussed a series of plans they are working on, including using machine learning to collect customer preferences, connecting the coffee machine in the store to the Internet, and tracking coffee supply through blockchain services. Chain and so on.

Microsoft and Starbucks have also worked together before, and they have established close ties. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, a former Microsoft executive, was responsible for the global sales of Windows before joining the coffee giant in 2015.

In introducing the latest achievements of the alliance, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella praised the cooperation between Starbucks software engineers and their business units. In the case of Starbucks, Nadella praised its technical efforts.

They combine Starbucks' iconic experience and incorporate digital technology.

The innovative applications being studied by the two companies include:

Predicting the Free Pick Up: The Starbucks app has begun to make recommendations based on the ordering history. The company is extending the technology to the car shuttle restaurant and offers ordering advice via digital panels.

Coffee Machine Networking: Starbucks is using several Azure cloud products to connect and protect more than 12 of Starbucks' 30,000 stores – from coffee machines to grinders and blenders. Starbucks IoT machines collect more than a dozen data points for each cup of espresso, including the type of coffee beans, the temperature of the coffee, and the water quality.

Blockchain project bean to cup – from coffee beans to coffee : Microsoft just announced the new Azure blockchain service last week, the technology giant has already taken advantage of this service in cooperation with Starbucks. Microsoft is working with coffee giant Starbucks to develop a new blockchain program that will be available soon.

The cooperation between the two is to eventually connect coffee guests with growers, so coffee growers are likely to seize new economic opportunities. Customers can also use Starbucks' mobile app to track the entire process of their coffee from the farm of coffee beans to the cup.

Starbucks said it partnered with more than 380,000 coffee bean farms last year. The company is committed to opening up the source code of the pilot project and sharing its experience.

Last week, Microsoft officially released the Azure cloud blockchain service. Azure Blockchain Service is a blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform that currently supports Quorum, the Ethereum platform of JPMorgan Chase. This new Microsoft BaaS platform will optimize the use of the alliance chain network.

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