Articles of Technical Analysis

The currency circle is a casino. Is technical analysis useful?

Let's start with a recent little story: Today a friend asked me how the stock market has been recently? Then I said that I bought an index fund in Alipay. I looked at the fund and it has been rising continuously. I do n’t recommend that he rush in without having a basic understanding of […]

The survey shows that more than half of Bitcoin investors are expected to have a “triangular breakthrough”

For several months, many cryptocurrency analysts have argued that bitcoin prices are locked inside a triangle. However, this triangle trend is likely to be down or symmetrical. The cryptocurrency investors who are observing the trend themselves are also blinded, not in the shape of formation, but they still do not see a clear direction for […]

Market Analysis: During the BTC shock consolidation, you still need to wait patiently.

According to the BBC news, Facebook plans to release its digital payment system in more than ten countries around the world in the first quarter of 2020. The currency is called globalcoin internally and is expected to give detailed plans this summer and start testing at the end of the year. Unlike the attitude of […]

The new indicator SOPR tells you that the bull market may have begun.

One of the advantages of Bitcoin is that there is a large amount of data available for analysis. The blockchain itself can provide a lot of information about the flow of funds, from which we can infer the mood and behavior of many investors. In this analysis, we will use blockchain data to introduce a […]