Articles of Voice announces another $ 150 million for Voice to operate independently, with a total investment of $ 300 million, the developer of the EOS blockchain protocol, announced a $ 150 million investment in its social media platform Voice, which was announced in June last year. According to a statement from the company, the investment is said to split Voice into a separate business, separate from A spokesperson said the $ 150 […]

KYC provokes questions, FOMO gameplay encourages users to "voice": Voice cracks for survival

One week after JX kinVoice went live, overseas media CryptoBriefing reported that Voice triggered a privacy alert. The reason is that users need to provide private information such as home address, ID card, personal photo when registering Voice. The data is managed by a British company and could be leaked. Voice is a project that […]

Inflation drops to 1%, Voice goes live … EOS holders are still confused

Text | Edited by Zheng Yi | Produced by Bi Tongtong | PANews "I really hesitated recently. I have been holding on for two years. Don't continue to do it." Yuan Renwei, an old player who had received EOS at a high level in 2018, complained to PANews. ". Voice, known as the "Facebook killer", […]

Without Voice in China, still say "game changing"?

On this Valentine's Day that is so deserted that no one in the circle of friends can transfer money, EOS founder Daniel Larimar (net name "BM") has become the protagonist of the cryptocurrency industry. The decentralized social platform he created in 2016, Steemit, On this day, it was announced that it had been sold to […]

Here, the truth is "Voice"

On February 14th , the world-renowned Voice public beta was launched . Browsing the Voice website has changed. First, the homepage is still the simple style of the original monochromatic bottom, but the promotional text has new content.   Where truth has a voice. Here, the truth is voice In a post-truth era where misinformation […]

$150 million is not given in white, considers charging "inflation tax" on Voice. is getting worse. When the company announced its Facebook alternative, a social media platform called Voice, it said it would create a second-level cryptocurrency, Voice, which runs on the EOS main web. But it is reported that the company with billions of dollars in assets will spend $150 million to create the platform. The […]

10 key words to give you a comprehensive understanding of Voice

After the release of the EOS social product Voice, some people joked that Voice is a big speaker. I think this analogy is still very image. The big horn is used to make sounds, and the Voice is used to make sounds for the blockchain. One end is the blockchain world, and the other end […]

BM will transfer the steem to the EOS. Is it good or false?

After BM's six-month "super-good" momentum in EOS, the EOS conference was held in Washington on the morning of June 2nd. The original conference was expected to take 2 hours, but it took a half-hour. When the EOS currency price was fully released to the high point in the early stage, it also entered the downtrend […]

Sword refers to Facebook! After the $4.2 billion "epic-level" financing, the blockchain giant is going to socialize.

At 7:00 am on June 2, Beijing time, the B1JUNE conference was held as scheduled. In just half an hour of the conference, announced four new products including social products Voice, hardware products EOS yubico key and EOSIO 2. Voice, which is intended to subvert the current Internet social environment, has become the biggest […]

Aside from prejudice, talk about Voice, which is the new sustenance of BM social dreams.

At 7:00 am on June 2, Beijing time, the first anniversary of EOS was held as scheduled. This time, the conference was called the cleanest and most neat blockchain conference in history. At the beginning of the meeting, BM simply went straight to the topic after eating a few words from the melons. In just […]