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Web3's Three Revolutions

Compilation: Shi Taosheng Source: IPFS Force Zone Original link: This article is based on a text version of Google's product designer Tony Aubé's presentation at WAQ2019. The article explains the three evolutionary logics of Web3, summarizes the three fundamental characteristics of Web3, and particularly emphasizes that most of Web3's changes will occur at the […]

150,000 US dollars, starting from the most expensive token in history, talk about human capital tokenization

This article was originally called "Tokenizing Human Capital", Author: Cooper Turley ; translation: Typto; translation agency: DAOSquare As the value liquidity of crypto assets continues to unlock globally, it is not surprising that innovative assets have begun to bear fruit. Thanks to the emergence of a large number of tools such as smart contracts, DEX […]

Gavin Wood: Zuckerberg's Libra has fundamental problems, or is included in historical footnotes

Note: The author Gavin Wood is the co-founder of Ethereum, Polkadot, and Parity Technology. He is also the founder of the Web3 Foundation. He believes that the new "FAANG" Big Five will no longer be a company like Facebook, not even Libra Such consortia are distributed algorithmic protocols that make decisions and exercise power in […]

Web 3 "Value Internet" Quantitative Indicators: From BTC to Ethereum to MakerDAO

Source: Public Number Encrypted Valley Live Original title: "Web 3 Series | Fabric Ventures: A Complete Overview of Quantitative Indicators for Value Internet" After studying seven venture capital funds, we are convinced that key indicators play a pivotal role in assessing a company's performance, such as: “What is the current growth of MRR?” “Which customers […]

Looking for future cryptocurrency unicorns in an invisible agreement

Author: Jamie Burke, block chain investment institutions Outlier Ventures founder and CEO of Source: Wen chain How should the technical cycle be defined? In fact, each technology cycle interacts between innovation, finding financial support, and sustaining innovation. Therefore, if you want to predict the future development of a technology, the best way is to follow […]