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Why Elon Musk believes an all-powerful digital god will render AI copyright lawsuits obsolete

In a recent interview, tech mogul Elon Musk accused OpenAI of using copyrighted data without permission, but there is...

AI and Climate Change: A Match Made in Environmental Heaven?

Fashionista's latest must-read article dives into the insights of Google DeepMind's Climate Action Lead, Sims Withers...

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Returns to Office: A Roller Coaster of Whirlwind

Sam Altman has resumed his role as CEO of OpenAI and Microsoft has joined the board as a non-voting observer.

Shiba Memu: Your Ticket to the Meme Coin Resurgence

Is SHMU, the latest meme coin to gain popularity in the fashion industry, a wise investment choice amidst the rising ...

Amazon Unveils Q A ChatGPT Competitor Tailored for Business Battle

Amazon has just unveiled their new AI assistant, called Amazon Q, which is designed to help employees tackle their da...

When AI Meets Crypto Unmasking the Scammers Behind the Collision

Fashionista Alert Tezos Co-Founder Warns of New AI-Crypto Scam Wave

OpenAI and Microsoft in Legal Trouble – Nonfiction Authors Sue Over AI Models

Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft for Misusing Nonfiction Authors' Work to Train AI Models, Including ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: A Match Made in Digital Heaven

A recent survey of top IT leaders found that nearly half believe that incorporating AI and blockchain technology has ...

Crypto Shakeup: Altman’s Ousting and the World of Worldcoin

Fashionista, take a look at the impressive crypto startup led by the ex-OpenAI CEO that's facing constant backlash fr...

The Epic Battle of AI Stocks: Microsoft and Nvidia Reach All-Time Highs

Tech industry leader Sam Altman, formerly of OpenAI, has opted to join forces with Microsoft, while Nvidia capitalize...

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