crazy! BSV nearly doubled in the past 16 hours, up 300% in 10 days

Is it necessary to "prove yourself"? ? ?

The time was changed back to just 16 hours before, Beijing time on May 29th at 16:00, BSV price 120 USDT, after a wave of instant surges and ten days ago, the currency has been oscillating around 110 for more than a week. No one expected that the new round of crazy market opened the curtain.

As of the deadline for publication, the price of BSV has risen to 230 USDT. The highest price this morning hit the 238.5 USDT line, which means that the price soared by 98.75% in just 16 hours, almost doubled in less than one day. At the same time, the market also completed an effective breakthrough for the intraday high on May 21, further refreshing the historical high point. In just 10 trading days from May 21 to now, the currency has risen by as much as 317%, directly pushing the market value to rise to 41,550,833,515 US dollars, and has now ranked eighth in the digital currency world.

According to the earlier report of the onion, some analysts believe that the short-term rise of the BSV is due to the false news that a currency will be re-stocked on the BSV. Primitive Ventures founding partner Wan Hui issued a tweet saying that it seems that someone deliberately released the news about an hour before the BSV surge, which seems to be deliberate. However, this unfounded false news seems to be "sufficiently true", which obviously deceives many retail investors. According to the picture information, Ao Ben Cong transferred to the 50,000 BTC in accordance with the agreement, Zhao Changpeng will honor the promise, let the currency re-supplied BSV and apologize to Aoben Cong on Twitter. In this regard, the founder of the coin cattle, Huang Jin, said that someone maliciously made a message about Auburn, and the relevant information was false news.

After the market changes in BSV on May 21, Coco, the holder of the Bitcoin official forum, once pointed out that the BSV of large exchanges will only make its "leaders" easier to trade. Fewer small exchanges “pull” and artificially increasing their value can inadvertently make reasonable price discovery more difficult.

With the recent surge in the market, this concern has clearly been verified again. For BSV, a currency that is likely to have a strong control panel, Shallots advise investors to be cautious. It seems that there is a very high risk behind the seemingly profitable space. Blindly chasing high is not a rational choice.

10 days ago, there has been a "shocking move"

Just 10 days ago, a wave of transient riots in the BSV has caused widespread concern in the market. Foreign media reported that Craig S. Wright has obtained the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the bitcoin code (version 0.1). After the copyright registration, the BSV soared 200% in less than an hour, although the price quickly fell back, but the day's closing still retained a considerable increase of over 60%.

However, after consulting the scallions, Ao Ben Cong only submitted a registration application to the US Copyright Office to support his statement on the original bitcoin code and the authorship of the white paper. Specifically related to "bitcoin: a point-to-point electronic cash system" and "bitcoin", these two words are the original code of 2009. At the same time, Coindesk also said that it needs to be stated that registration does not mean ownership, nor is it a formal patent.

Considering that the first media to publish the news, Coingeek is a supporter of BSV and Oban, and has repeatedly released the news that Oban is Cong Ben Cong. So whether it is deliberate or not is still doubtful.

Source: Shallot blockchain

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