Recharge your faith! Ten movies help you understand the ten-year history of Bitcoin

In recent years, with the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and the continued popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, these two "new things" have gradually penetrated into people's daily lives.

In addition to forums, social media, books, newspapers and other forms of communication, film directors and documentary filmmakers have begun to focus on the field of cryptocurrency.

Scallions carefully select 10 high-quality, well-respected bitcoin-themed movies, let us revisit the "Digital Gold" decade, shuttle the light and the dark, together with the ups and downs of Bitcoin.

Top Ten Bitcoin Movie Recommendations:

1. "Banking on Bitcoin" 2. "Bitcoin Gospel" 3. "Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution" 4. "Bitcoin: "Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It" 5. "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin" 6. "The Bitcoin Experiment" 7. "Relying on Bits "Life on Bitcoin" 8. "I am Satoshi" 9. "The Bitcoin Story" 10. "The Bitcoin Phenomenon"

1. "Hope in Bitcoin"

(Banking on Bitcoin)

Bitcoin was born in 2008. This film focuses on the development of Bitcoin from 2009 to 2016 and provides an in-depth description of the ups and downs experienced by early Bitcoin users.


The documentary also explores the characteristics of cryptocurrency, a highly disruptive, innovative technology, and how it affects and changes people's daily lives. At the same time, the film also recorded views on the various topics of Bitcoin and the contribution of technology pioneers to the development and popularization of blockchain technology.

Throughout the film, its creators are trying to find so-called harmony from regulation and innovation. If you are interested in technological innovation and legal regulation, this film is definitely not to be missed.

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2. Bitcoin Belief

(Bitcoin Gospel) This is a Dutch documentary about how Bitcoin is, how to pay with Bitcoin and why Bitcoin is so popular.

The film focuses on the speech of "Bitcoin Jesus", cryptocurrent astronomer Roger Ver. Roger Ver devoted his life to promoting the popularity and use of Bitcoin. In the film, he explained in detail how Bitcoin works.

In addition, viewers can also see the development trend of China's encryption mining industry from the film. Famous early evangelists such as Andreas Antonopoulos also appeared in the film.


3. "The Magical Currency: The Bitcoin Revolution"

(Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution) This documentary focuses on the public's answers to many common questions about Bitcoin , including what Bitcoin really is and the impact of Bitcoin on society.

The film describes the formation and development of Bitcoin, the world's first truly digital currency. Bitcoin is not issued by the monetary authorities, nor is it controlled by the currency issuer, but gives control to the real money user.

The documentary focuses on the mysterious origins, operations, and impacts of Bitcoin, and answers questions about whether Bitcoin can become a future currency for humanity.

Unlike other similar movies, this film does not focus on the history of cryptocurrencies, but rather spends a lot of effort on its practical use. In the film, business people from all over the world express their opinions and express their views on Bitcoin as the main payment instrument.


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4. Bitcoin: The so-called end of currency

(Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It)

The film, directed by Australian director Torsten Hoffmann, was released in 2015 to try to analyze whether Bitcoin is the ultimate replacement for traditional currency or a short-lived bubble.

This documentary depicts the past and present of digital currency, focusing on the particularities of virtual currency, commercial and trade complexity, and bitcoin effectiveness.

The film also tells about the differences between Bitcoin and other currencies in human history, and how it breaks the mindset of most people, wins market trust, and challenges traditional banks and monetary systems that people are used to.


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5. The Rise of Bitcoin

(The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin) This film was filmed in 2014 and is one of the first documentaries about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In the movie, the protagonist talks about how he is interested in Bitcoin and how he can truly understand the impact of this disruptive technology on the world through the Bitcoin community.

In essence, this documentary expresses an optimistic view of virtual currency and tells the history and characteristics of cryptocurrency. In addition, it focuses on the personality traits of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, including interviews with many well-known figures in the currency circle, including the founders of the Gemini founder Winklevoss and the founder of Ethereum. V god.

The film recorded a number of major events that took place in the Bitcoin world, depicting a vivid picture of the virtual currency realm and its functions. Many experts believe that the documentary has spread widely in the encryption market and has received numerous praises.


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6. Bitcoin Experiment

(The Bitcoin Experiment) The film was released in 2016 and focuses on a social experiment on bitcoin as a digital currency.

The film focuses on how people are prepared to use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives, and producers travel to Scandinavia to film and show the world how digital currency is suitable for personal life.

At the same time, the documentary also tells how cryptocurrencies can break free from the existing financial institutions to fight for freedom and show people the benefits they can get from digital currencies.


7. "Reliance with Bitcoin"

(Life on Bitcoin) In fact, the content of this film can be seen from the title.

The film tells a couple of newlyweds. If they can only buy necessities in cryptocurrency within three months, can they successfully survive the "difficulties"?

The film consists of two parts. The first part deals with bitcoin and its functions, as well as the problems encountered in the use of bitcoin. The second part focuses on how the young couple lived on cryptocurrencies.

The film "Bit by Bitcoin" clearly shows that bitcoin is still a very rare new thing in places other than the world's metropolis, and it is not easy to convince merchants to accept bitcoin payments.


8. "I am Zhong Bencong"

(I am Satoshi) This 53-minute documentary examines Bitcoin in detail from the perspective of participants in the global economy, focusing on whether the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can subvert the modern world.

In 2014, the film won the “Most Creative Video” award in the Blockchain Award.


9. The Story of Bitcoin

(The Bitcoin Story) The film talks about all the secrets behind the birth of Bitcoin . It not only describes the basic principles and political background of the technology, but also analyzes the ability of Bitcoin to change the traditional financial industry.

In addition, the filmmakers also showed the views of different venture capitalists on cryptocurrencies.


10. Bitcoin Phenomenon

(The Bitcoin Phenomenon)

This film mainly tells the birth history of the "coin king" bitcoin.

Although Nakamoto's people are not seen at the end, but the people associated with it are well known, one of them is the core character of Bitcoin, the chief developer Gavin Andresen. In the film, he talked about his communication experience with Nakamoto, and explained to people how genius is to create bitcoin. At the same time, he also highlighted the fundamental difference between Bitcoin and other early cryptocurrency projects that were not implemented.

The film shows the importance of Bitcoin as a means of payment and the uniqueness of the Bitcoin network from a technical perspective. It also tells the story of the early evangelists of Erik Voorhees and Trace Mayer.


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