’s Sponsorship Deals Drive Cryptocurrency Exchange’s Growth's significant advertising collaborations with Formula 1 and the UFC have enabled it to expand its reach and fuel its growth., a cryptocurrency platform, reports success with major partnerships in Formula 1 and the UFC, leading to an increase in its user base.

📷, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, has found success in the world of sports through its lucrative sponsorship deals with Formula 1 (F1) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). These partnerships have not only increased the exchange’s brand recognition but have also contributed to its impressive growth. In a recent interview with, President and COO Eric Anziani discussed the company’s advertising campaigns and naming rights deal for the Arena in downtown Los Angeles.

Building Brand Awareness with F1 and UFC

According to market surveys conducted by, the exchange has achieved high global awareness and brand recognition among retail cryptocurrency users. Anziani acknowledges the difficulty in establishing and maintaining a brand in such a competitive market. However, he believes that the investments made in partnerships with F1, UFC, and AEG have been worthwhile.

In the United States alone, the 2023 Formula 1 season had an average viewership of 1.11 million per race, and worldwide viewership for the sport exceeds one billion over the entire race calendar. The UFC also has a substantial global audience, with its fight nights attracting similar numbers to a single F1 race. The visibility of’s logo on the floor and cage padding of UFC octagons has provided prime advertising exposure in one of the fastest-growing sports.

Anziani highlights the success of activating these partnerships and engaging with fans and participants, which has led to an increase in user base. While previous estimates put the exchange’s user numbers at 80 million in 2023, Anziani reveals that is nearing 100 million users in 2024.

Crypto Exchanges Differentiate Themselves

As continues to expand, it aims to provide specialized services to high-volume, high-net-worth traders. The company launched Prime in February 2024, an exclusive program that requires a $1 million deposit to activate its membership. Anziani emphasizes the importance of low fees and deep liquidity for large trades, and Prime offers just that with two basis points fees. The program also includes institutional-grade custody, $1 million account protection, uncapped fiat transfers, and individual account managers for high-net-worth traders.

When considering the choice of exchange platforms, Anziani highlights three essential factors. Users seek a platform where they can trust that their funds are safe and secure, convenient access to cryptocurrencies, and competitive fees. Anziani emphasizes that compliance and security are fundamental considerations for all users, especially after recent ecosystem failures in the industry.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Sponsorships in Sports is not the only cryptocurrency exchange leveraging the global audiences reached by major sports codes. OKX sponsors English Premier League outfit Manchester City and F1 racing team McLaren, while cryptocurrency betting platform Stake secured a two-year naming rights deal with the Sauber F1 team. These partnerships pave the way for greater adoption of cryptocurrencies and further integration of blockchain technology into the world of sports.

Q&A Content

Q: How have the sponsorship deals with F1 and UFC impacted’s growth?

A: The sponsorship deals with Formula 1 and the Ultimate Fighting Championship have significantly contributed to’s growth by increasing brand recognition and expanding its user base. The partnerships have allowed to engage with millions of fans worldwide, driving awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies within the sports community.

Q: What benefits does Prime offer to high-volume traders?

A: Prime provides specialized services catered to high-volume, high-net-worth traders. The program offers low fees, deep liquidity, institutional-grade custody, account protection, uncapped fiat transfers, and individual account managers. These features are designed to meet the unique needs of experienced traders and ensure a seamless trading experience.

Q: How do cryptocurrency exchanges differentiate themselves from one another?

A: Cryptocurrency exchanges differentiate themselves through multiple factors. Firstly, users prioritize the safety and security of their funds, requiring exchanges to have robust compliance measures and a trustworthy reputation. Secondly, convenient access to cryptocurrencies, including quick fund transfers and easy token purchases, is crucial for users seeking hassle-free transactions. Lastly, high-volume traders prioritize factors such as API connectivity, liquidity, and competitive fees.

Future Outlook and Investment Recommendations’s successful sponsorship deals with Formula 1 and the UFC highlight the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. As more global audiences are exposed to cryptocurrencies through these sporting events, the adoption and use of digital assets are expected to continue growing. This presents exciting opportunities for investors looking to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Investors should consider the potential benefits of partnering with established cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms that have successfully integrated into the sports industry. Companies like, OKX, and Stake have demonstrated the positive impact of such partnerships on brand recognition and user acquisition.

Furthermore, the continued expansion of specialized services for high-volume traders, such as Prime, indicates a growing market demand. Investors should closely monitor developments within this sector and consider the potential investment opportunities associated with catering to the needs of experienced traders.

In conclusion, as the cryptocurrency industry becomes more mainstream, creative sponsorship deals with major sports codes are proving to be a valuable growth strategy for exchanges. These partnerships drive brand recognition, engage with millions of fans, and ultimately contribute to the overall adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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