VanEck Launches SegMint: A New NFT and Digital Assets Market

VanEck, an investment firm, has launched SegMint, a market for NFTs and digital assets, after the successful listing of their spot Bitcoin ETF.

VanEck introduces NFT and digital assets platform SegMint

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Investment firm VanEck has recently introduced SegMint, a new non-fungible token (NFT) and digital assets market. This comes after the successful listing of its spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the U.S.

According to an announcement by VanEck, SegMint was born out of the company’s digital assets research and is built around its innovative “Lock and Key Model.” The technology partners for SegMint include Nueva.Tech,,,, and

What is SegMint’s Lock and Key Model?

VanEck describes SegMint’s Lock & Key Model as a simplified solution for managing self-custodied assets by providing an easy way to share access and ownership. Interest in the platform is expected from Europe and Asia. Users of SegMint will be granted an “Adventurer NFT,” which comes with a verified profile and completed Know Your Customer (KYC) information.

“We identified a significant pain point in the digital assets ecosystem—the challenge of sharing access and ownership in a self-custody world,” explains Matt Bartlett, founder of SegMint. He further adds, “The Lock and Key Model addresses this by offering a user-friendly solution that empowers individuals to securely share their assets while retaining control.”

NFT Volumes Surge in Crypto Bull Market

In the current crypto market, NFT sales volume has witnessed a surge of 2.35% in the past 24 hours, reaching $52,286,636. Interestingly, Bitcoin has surpassed Ethereum in terms of NFT sales volume. Typically, Ethereum dominates the list, often remaining in the top spot for weeks on end, as reported by Sead Fadilpašić from However, over the past week, Ethereum recorded a sales volume of $136.7 million, while Bitcoin saw $97.8 million.

VanEck Reduces Bitcoin ETF Fees to 0.20%

VanEck recently listed its spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. with the ticker symbol “HODL.” In response to the intense competition in the market, the investment firm slashed the fees for the VanEck Bitcoin Trust from 0.25% to 0.20%. With nearly a dozen Bitcoin ETFs vying for investor attention in an already saturated market, the fee reduction aims to attract more clients.

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Q: What is the significance of SegMint’s Lock and Key Model? A: SegMint’s Lock and Key Model simplifies the management of self-custodied assets by providing an easy solution for sharing access and ownership.

Q: How can I access SegMint? A: Access to SegMint will be limited, with interest expected from Europe and Asia. Users of SegMint will receive an “Adventurer NFT” with a verified profile and completed KYC.

Q: How has the NFT sales volume changed recently? A: In the last 24 hours, NFT sales volume increased by 2.35%, reaching $52,286,636. Bitcoin has surpassed Ethereum in terms of NFT sales volume.

Q: What is the current fee for VanEck’s Bitcoin Trust? A: VanEck has reduced the fees for its Bitcoin Trust from 0.25% to 0.20% in response to competition in the market.

Future Outlook and Investment Recommendations

The launch of SegMint marks VanEck’s entry into the booming NFT market, which has been experiencing significant growth. With the Lock and Key Model, the platform aims to address the pain points in managing self-custodied assets, making it easier for individuals to securely share their assets while retaining control.

The surge in NFT sales volume, where Bitcoin has outpaced Ethereum, indicates a potential shift in the market dynamics. This presents an opportunity for investors to explore NFTs beyond Ethereum and diversify their portfolios.

VanEck’s fee reduction for its Bitcoin Trust demonstrates the intense competition among Bitcoin ETF providers. Investors should consider this fee reduction when making investment decisions, as lower fees can significantly impact long-term returns.

In conclusion, with the launch of SegMint and the promising trends in the NFT market, VanEck is positioning itself for growth and innovation. Investors should keep an eye on these developments and evaluate the potential opportunities they hold.

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