Facebook encryption program Libra lacks blockchain spirit, progress will be delayed

The much-anticipated Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra may face major obstacles.

Although there are reports that Facebook announced its new cryptocurrency on April 18th, according to Coindesk's informed sources, libra's progress has been delayed, and there is still a long way to go before the software can be used. The delay is because blockchain industry insiders are reluctant to work on projects like Facebook that don't have a true cryptocurrency spirit.

One source estimated that 2020 will be a more realistic test timeframe, so any announcements made can only be forward-looking preliminary plans.

Based on conversations with seven sources, CoinDesk confirmed that Facebook's plan is to associate users' financial information with their Facebook profile. These data may be controlled by Facebook in the company database. They even talked about the integration with the external payment party MasterCard and Visa. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that MasterCard, Visa and other 10 companies have signed an agreement to fund Facebook GlobalCoin.

These insiders also compared GlobalCoin with Alipay, which allows digital payments on social platforms.

This has created a disagreement between Facebook and the blockchain industry partners. These partners are reluctant to work on projects where a user has little control over their digital identity. There is news that Facebook has had fruitless negotiations with startups Tendermint and Stellar. Facebook even expressed interest in acquiring Moxie Marlinspike's startup, MobileCoin.

The above team declined to comment. Later, Facebook acquired the blockchain startup Chainspace and showed great interest in its proprietary consensus algorithm.

Blockchain consultant Maya Zehavi told CoinDesk that she is concerned that GlobalCoin and Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Facebook may create a system with limited accountability but sufficient power to exclude individual users from business. In addition, the technology website The Information reported that the minimum fee for GlobalCoin node operators in the future is $10 million.

“They are creating an anti-competitive moat,” Zehavi added.

"It creates a data silo that doesn't guarantee data sharing between participants. And if you become a risk management problem, you can kick you out of Uber, Facebook, and Shopify through data manipulation."

In view of Facebook's public plan and decentralization of the blockchain, the spirit of privacy is in conflict, Facebook is actively recruiting people with high salaries.

According to the Coin desk, one source said Facebook hired a team of dozens of cryptocurrency experts, each with a multi-million dollar salary. At the same time, Facebook is actively seeking partnerships with global brands like Uber. Since Facebook's approximately 2.3 billion monthly active users mostly live outside the US, this partnership is critical to positioning its cryptocurrency as a global asset rather than a US brand.

In addition, the public believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are more secure and private than traditional payment methods, which may explain why Facebook is marketing this project in the name of the blockchain.

Facebook declined to comment on how to use or share user data. It also declined to comment on the way in which GlobalCoin accounts are regulated.

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