HTC executives said they plan to launch another blockchain phone this year.

HTC executives said they plan to launch another blockchain phone this year.

HTC EXODUS1 was officially released in October last year and was first announced in CoinDesk's 2018 consensus event last May.

The phone includes a cryptocurrency wallet and also supports decentralized apps or DAPP. According to reports, Chen said at the press conference that the sale of the equipment is in line with the company's expectations.

On the other hand, its rival, Israel-based Sirin Labs, has recently cut a quarter of its employees due to disappointing sales of Finney phones.

According to Digitimes, Chen said that the second-generation device will have more features than the current model and said:

"The new phone will expand its blockchain application to include other areas such as browsing, messaging and social media."

He added that these applications will take advantage of peer-to-peer connections, "not through the cloud or motherboard as before."

Earlier this month, Chen also launched a $50 million blockchain-centric venture capital fund with two partners. The fund, known as the “Capital Proof”, aims to bring blockchain technology to the public through investments in early start-ups.

Proof of Capital has also partnered with HTC on its departure line, saying it will work with HTC to "determine the standards and interactions of the new Internet and bring mobile and hardware technologies to our portfolio companies."

EXODUS1 was only supported for purchases in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and was later open to support legal tender.

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