Sun Yuchen, who frequently touches porcelain, is "touching porcelain". Is it true or false?

Sun Yuchen, who frequently touches porcelain, is "touching porcelain". Is it true or false?

Under the continuous hotspot marketing, the wave field has washed away the label of “air currency” in some people's eyes, but it has become a disaster-stricken area. In these funds, the wave field or Sun Yuchen is true. Innocent or false innocence, it is difficult to define.

Wave field reproduction fund dispute

On June 19, 78.15 million TRXs in the wavefield super community address were all transferred, but this behavior was not discovered in time. Soon after, the wave field super community began to announce that it will optimize the platform at 0:00 on June 27th. This optimization will update each member with a new security level with higher security level according to the new security requirements of the wave field main network. Address, and in order to ensure a smooth and efficient upgrade process, the Wavefield Super Community requires members to not conduct trading operations during this period. However, the wave field super community did not announce how long the upgrade would take.

On June 29th, it was exposed, and the amount of the Plustoken crash involving tens of billions of dollars. Under the heat of the Plustoken crash, the news of the wavefield super community crash did not set off a big splash.

According to public information, at 10 am on June 30, the app of the wave field super community was officially closed. Subsequently, multiple wave field super community groups began to clean up the group members. Investors in many wavefield super-communities began to realize that the project side of the wavefield super-community had stopped operating and found that 78.15 million TRXs in the address had already been transferred.

According to the data of the blockchain from the media “Discipline News”, the wave field super community has swept away virtual currency assets worth more than RMB 1 billion within 5 months, and the number of victims has reached several hundred thousand. According to the Planet Daily, the case involved more than 200 million yuan.

According to the public information, the wave field super community is called TRX·μTORRENT SUPER COMMUNITY. It was established in January 2019 and announced that it was developed by uTorrent. In the publicity of the wave field super community, uTorrent is one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field main network, and the wave field super community is the largest community in the wave field. In this community, as long as TRX is held, it can be several times. In the case of the BTT of the number of TRXs, the wave field super community interprets this as “this is the first bonus made by the wave field for the wave field TRX holders”.

For media queries, uTorrent is a BitTorrent client developed by BitTorrent in September 2005. On July 24, 2018, the wave field completed the acquisition of BitTorrent and all its products. Immediately, uTorrent announced the participation of the Super Representative in the wave field on July 26, 2018. To a certain extent, uTorrent belongs to the wave field. Internal product.

And many investors in the wave field super community are also based on this point to choose to believe in the propaganda of the wave field super community.

On July 8, Sun Yuchen and the wave field officials issued a statement saying that since the discovery of the "wave field super community" in January 2019, the wave of TRON officially carried out the fund fraud, the wave field TRON officially passed the WeChat group, Weibo official channels, microblogging groups and vibrato channels are ridiculed by the patience of the repeater. It is accompanied by a large number of Weibo fan groups, WeChat fan groups and screenshots of the vibrato comment.

However, it is undeniable that neither the wave field nor Sun Yuchen has officially rumored this before. Although the wave field is constantly "taking the patience of the human being as the patience of the repeater" in various fan bases, it is inevitable that there will be a large number of unsuspecting people under the hype and promotion of the wave field super community.

Sun Yuchen’s main voice channel in the Chinese world is Weibo. This time he also chose Weibo as a rumor. However, before this, Sun Yuchen did not make a statement or rumor about the ownership of the project on Weibo.

On August 9, 2018, Sun Yuchen posted an interview video of the general manager of the uTorrent engineer on the Weibo Super Representative on Weibo. There were 41 messages under this Weibo, one of which wrote “I am a I just entered the wave field super community project, because I want to confirm whether the uTorrent super community is real, is not one of the official representatives of the wave field, I saw Sun Zongfa's article and more reassuring." However, under this comment, neither Sun Yuchen nor the wave field official has responded.

Therefore, after the collapse of the wave field super community, investors in the wave field super community began to recover from the wave field.

Afterwards, Sun Yuchen was repeatedly accused of "after the horse"

In less than two months after the establishment of the wave field super community, a wave wallet purported to be the "wavefield official wallet" was temporarily stopped. Similarly, for a long time, the wave field official did not do this. In response, until the event was further fermented and a negative paradox against the wave field began to appear, the wave field official officially rumored that "the wave point wallet is not officially owned by the wave field."

Up to now, there has not been detailed statistics on the amount of money involved in the wallet, but according to the media of the blockchain industry, the amount of the wallet is at least 100 million yuan.

According to the two incidents of the integrated wave point wallet and the wave field super community, the two have great similarities.

First of all, both of them are funded products that have been endorsed by the wave field, and the amount involved and the scope of the case are relatively wide;

Secondly, during the operation of the two, the wave field official and Sun Yuchen’s attitude towards them were vague, and although they were in an informed state, they did not formally provoke this;

Finally, in both incidents, the wave field officials began to formally respond to the victim's perspective after the emergence of a general negative paradox against the wave field.

But in these two incidents, the wave field may not be so innocent. When the outside world is accusing the wavefield of unclear ignorance before, some people pointed out that there may be more interests behind this.

In March 2019, a screenshot of the chat was circulated. According to the screenshot of the chat, someone once said to Sun Yuchen: "Although the wave wallet caused the price of TRX to rise, but the pyramid scheme hurts people." Therefore, Sun Yuchen is recommended to conduct an official rumor. However, Sun Yuchen only suggested to pay more attention to the official news of TRX and BTT. According to the development of subsequent events, Sun Yuchen did not adopt this proposal.

On February 7th, 2019, the media said that the financial circle clearly pointed out that with the increase of the popularity of the wave wallet, the user volume of the wave field was also rapidly increased, and further analysis, the wave point wallet led a lot of new funds into In the field, based on the principle that the wave wallet users need to deposit more than 30 days, in the short term, these tokens are equivalent to disguised locks, which is beneficial to the wave field in the short term. Finally, the “financial circle” indicates that this may be It is one of the reasons why Sun Yuchen is unwilling to respond.

Sun Yuchen, who frequently touches porcelain, is "touching porcelain". Is it true or false?

Since then, this view has been affirmed from the media “funds ranking”. The “funds ranking” compares the wave point wallet balance and the TRX price, and the wave point wallet balance has three consecutive sharp rises and falls, and here During the period, the price trend of TRX has a strong correlation with the balance of the wallet.

According to a wave field super community investor, there are a large number of non-coin people around him who are starting to invest in the wave field super community with the recommendation of relatives and friends. This means a large amount of new funds are entering the TRX.

According to the "Boundary News" statistics, the wave field super community involved more than 1 billion. Based on the current TRX market price, the wave field super community involved more than 4 billion TRX cases, accounting for 4% of the total circulation of the wave field, accounting for nearly 7% of its total circulation.

The second anniversary of the wave field is difficult to cross

In July 2017, Sun Yuchen created the blockchain project “wavefield TRON”. According to public information, the wave field was established less than 10 months, and Sun Yuchen claimed that the value of the wave has reached tens of billions. At the beginning of the wave field, Sun Yuchen relied on a white paper to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sun Yuchen has finally become the "rich man" he wants to become.

In July 2019, the wave field is about to celebrate its second anniversary, and Sun Yuchen will also have lunch with Buffett. Compared with the first anniversary of the wave field, when the slogan "Challenge Impossible" is used, the second anniversary of the wave field may not be good.

After the collapse of the wave wallet, the public opinion continued to last for a long time, but the wave field super community has found Ruibo Technology to recover.

Although Sun Yuchen said in the official announcement that Ruibo Technology is a partner of the wave field in mainland China, Sun Yuchen said in response to the gyro finances: "There is a fund plate with the wave field banner to find us money, and finally the fund disk. Explosive to come to us to ask for money." It is worth noting that the main target of the wave field super community investors to recover is the wave field public chain that has been issued twice.

In addition, there is another doubt that Sun Yuchen has always claimed that Ruibo Technology is only a R&D center established in China by the wave field. It has nothing to do with its operation, but in the statement issued this time, the wave field official clearly stated that Ruibo Technology has alerted the police and will help the public security organs solve the problem.

In fact, according to the multi-party evidence held by the media, Ruibo Technology is the actual operating entity of the wave field.

According to a person close to the wave field, the team said that at first, the wave field team was working in the Ruibo Technology office.

According to the multi-party news source, in addition to the R&D center, the actual operation of the wave field is also in China, and the management of the wave field is actually the Sun Yuchen business empire with Ruibo Technology as the core.

Looking at the open recruitment news of multiple recruitment websites, it is known that almost all the positions currently recruited by Ruibo Technology are related to the blockchain. In some recruitment information, the main responsibility of the post is to develop the public chain. On, Ruibo Technology's recruitment information is directly labeled as “wave field TRON”, including “product operation”, “business BD”, “quantitative trading strategist”, “user growth manager”, “activity”. Operating positions, "user operations", "overseas operations", etc., and these jobs are located in Beijing.

In addition, the media also found that the wave field and Sun Yuchen's multiple Weibo, WeChat public account accounts are sharp wave technology. In June 2018, Wavefield's acquisition of BitTorrent revealed that the acquisition was announced as a joint acquisition by "Baichang United Ruibo Technology".

So far, no authoritative department has explained the events of the wave field super community. We are not aware of the follow-up of this event, but it is foreseeable that the wave field super community event has been pushed to the forefront. I have not been very stable this month.

Investors who suffer losses due to the wavefield super community are also difficult to secure. According to blockchain security company PeckShield, TRX, which has a value of about 10.45 million yuan, has been transferred to the exchange, including 1,022,112 TRX. (about 220,000 RMB) transferred to the currency security, 46,504,377 TRX (about 10.23 million yuan) transferred to the fire currency.

Source: Chain Finance

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