Thailand will launch blockchain electronic visa application to improve the security and speed of visa applications

As Cointelegraph reported on December 20, Thailand, a popular tourist country in the world, will soon use blockchain technology for electronic visas (eVOA). The system aims to speed up and protect the digital visa application process, and will soon be used by 5 million tourists from 20 countries.


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eVOA operators partner with Australian travel company to provide blockchain services

It was developed in cooperation with Australian travel companies ShareRing and Gateway Services. Among them, Gateway Services has a license to handle Thai eVOA. According to the press release, Thailand will first launch a blockchain electronic visa application to Chinese and Indian tourists.

ShareRing CEO and co-founder Tim Bos said the new feature will simplify the Thai visa application process. Existing entry visas need to be completed at a Thai airport or land entry point. Travelers must bring many documents such as printed tickets, accommodation confirmations and photos. The entire process usually takes an hour to complete.

Using blockchain to improve the security and speed of digital visa applications

Boss pointed out that eVOA providers may have a significant risk of fraud or error when using digital application processes, so ShareRing has been working with Gateway Services to improve the security, speed and quality of the process.

Specifically, ShareRing provides Gateway Services with its own identity technology, OneID. The technology supports OCR identification and stores all information encrypted in a single file on the blockchain in order to protect the data. Boss explained that blockchain technology and OCR reduce the time required for eVOA partners to manually verify all information.

In addition, after successfully completing the initial pilot, ShareRing will further expand the blockchain visa application system worldwide.

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