The current fundamentals are not calm, beware of the bitter prosperity of the Bitcoin market.

Market fundamentals

The USDT disclosure of insufficient margin has become a hot topic in the recent currency circle. Stabilizing the currency is no longer a concern of the recent currency market. The world's largest Bitcoin trading platform (average) Bitfinex Bitcoin USDT trading runs counter to the rising premium and the continuous decline in the USDT exchange rate. This detail shows that users of the B network have doubled their concerns about short-term asset security. The frequency of coins is increasing. On the other hand, the USDT exchange rate is regular and continues to fall below the new low, indicating that some funds in the market are temporarily leaving for the purpose of hedging.

Trend Analysis BTC

In the early morning of April 26, the bitcoin market fell to a low of $5055 (Bitfinex platform), and then the market broke the news that the USDT official margin was insufficient. After a panic in the market, the risk aversion increased sharply because the B-net USDT was exchanged for the US dollar. The impact of slow speed, the market rushing to buy BTC withdrawals has become a relatively fast way, which once led to the B-net's bitcoin USDT trading continued to grow at a premium. Need to pay attention to the bitcoin market has a slow rebound at this time, but the main reason is that some of the funds in the field for the risk of temporary purchases led to short-term push up the price of the currency, not to be blinded by the current false prosperity. Bitcoin market here, the 4-hour K-line level is constructing the head and shoulders form. Because of the impact of the USDT stable currency, the funds in the field are seeking to avoid or temporarily leave the market, and the funds outside the market are temporarily afraid to enter the market. There will be a fallback in the follow-up.

Below support level B: 5300\fire coins: 5180, 5050 USD

Upper pressure level B net: 5785\fire coin: 5650 USD

(Source: QKL123 ) (Because the Bitfinex trading platform data is distorted, use the Fire Coin K-line chart)


Ethereum fell below the uptrend channel built by the fallback of Bitcoin on April 26, and the bulls retreated to the large-scale uptrend line of $151! From the details of the Ethereum here, the exchange of funds in the intraday market has increased frequently, and the short-term is mainly based on shock consolidation.

Below the support level: $151

Above pressure pressure: $165

(Source: QKL123 )


Litecoin's recent trend is relatively weak, but from the point of view of changes in callback strength and volume, market selling pressure is also gradually weakening. The 2-hour level K line walked out of the bottom stage of the small-level stage, and the follow-up was based on the shock consolidation.

Below support level: $63

Above pressure pressure: $77

(Source: QKL123 )


The 4-hour trend of grapefruit was completed at the bottom of the small level, but due to the recent news that the news was not calm, the market was in a state of hesitation, the amount of energy did not keep up, and it was difficult to get rid of the wide-ranging shock in the short term.

Below the support level: $4.5

Upper pressure fire coin: 5 US dollars

(Source: QKL123 )

Investment is an extremely hard thing, and its hard work lies in the fact that investors need to be rational regardless of the circumstances. We must determine the development direction of the market outlook. First, we must understand the real quality changes behind the current market fluctuations, and see the current environment and patience to make a reasonable response strategy.

This article represents only personal opinions and does not constitute any investment advice! The market has risks to enter the market to be cautious!

Author: Hai Rui; micro-channel public number Source: Rui sea views       

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