Bitcoin shocks up, day K volume price sentiment discrimination


The hottest thing to discuss in the past few days is Bitfinex and USDT. The USDT thunder has already caused the off-market price to fall from the 6.94 line to the current 6.77, a full 2.5% premium drop. One million USDT funds will be able to evaporate 25,000 in three days, and the short position is no more than this.

The mainstream currency of the exchange Bitfinex has become a safe haven for funds, and the price premium is generally around 5%. The USDT run and the fund hedging action went one after another, completing the decline and recovery of the broader market.

It is said that Bitfinex also wants to send platform coins. It seems that foreign exchanges can't wait to take a share in this still hot market. This action will also speed up the outflow of funds in the field. Once there is no funds to keep up with the price increase, then the overall decline of the market is also a big probability to happen.

The slow cow has started since February of this year, but it has risen so much and should be adjusted. The decline is only for a better rise.

The halving of Bitcoin in the next year has already been cashed in advance, and the price of Bitcoin is so strong that it is a strong evidence. The market for Bitcoin can also be adjusted back to a certain period of time. When the price falls in place, it can be bought at a competitive price. There are many opportunities. You don't need to be afraid to step on the air.

Market analysis

The following analysis data are from Huobi

Bitcoin BTC:

Day K quantity price sentiment discrimination method: In the past month, the price of bitcoin has indeed risen slowly, but both are around 7%. At the same time, the transaction volume has dropped significantly. This is a strong wait-and-see attitude in the technical theory, and funds are beginning to flee. Performance.

Long and short balance in the day. Although the price is rising, it is almost brought up by the premium of Bitfinex, and the emotional buying is not enthusiastic.

For the time being, no matter how much space the bitcoin has in the short term, the safest thing that can be done now is to observe the look of Bitcoin in other currencies. The space of other mainstream currencies is much larger than that of Bitcoin, and the profit margin will be much larger. The market wind vane is still very useful.

Once bitcoin fluctuates, other mainstream currencies will undoubtedly react. The rhythm of these days is that bitcoin has risen, other currencies have risen slightly or sideways, bitcoin has fallen, and other currencies have fallen.

The funds are gradually flowing out, and USDT is not a crazy premium. Then basically can be determined, the medium-term adjustment is a high probability thing, we do not need to gamble above 5% to 10% of the possible upside, wait and see.

Litecoin LTC:

Day K quantity price sentiment discrimination method: the price fell, and the trading volume continued to decline, which proved that the mood inside the field has evolved from enthusiastic to anxiety . If there is no funds to push the price up, then the moderate anxiety will become a high degree of anxiety and cause panic and trampling. At that time, the transaction volume will increase sharply and the price will drop sharply, and the stabilization process can be completed.

On the whole, the recent rebound is unlikely to form a strong reversal, and the price will gradually fall after the profitable funds flow out. Therefore, the rebound is an opportunity to ship and short at the high point.

The $75 is already a very important resistance level. It can be short-selled around $75. Once you have the opportunity to explore the $75-$80 range, it is the gold short-selling range.

Ethereum ETH:

The daily K quantity price sentiment discrimination method: the trading volume continues to decline, and the price fluctuates downward. Emotionally between Bitcoin and Litecoin is also anxious. Following the fluctuations in Bitcoin, once Bitcoin falls, it is impossible for Ethereum to take a stand-alone market in the short term. For the time being, if there is no breaking news in the short term, the pure technical side needs a process of falling volume to complete the stabilization.

As for how to operate, my personal opinion remains unchanged. The space in Ethereum is obviously insufficient, and the profit space is not big enough. The increase in the previous period was too small, and the decline in the later period will not be very large. It can almost become the wind vane.

The position should be to look at adjustments, and everyone should pay more attention.


Grapefruit EOS:

Day K quantity price sentiment discrimination method: the trend has not changed, the decline has become the main tone, the transaction volume has dropped significantly, and the market is anxious. In the previous period, the increase was too large, and the four-fold increase was only less than doubled. Before the daily volume fell, it was bearish, and the rebound was an opportunity for the spot to flee.

Short-selling first, 4.8 US dollars is a short-term resistance, it is difficult to overcome, if the market violently inserted 4.9 ~ 5.0 US dollars, that is, gold is empty, firmly grasp.


Bitcoin Cash BCH:

Strong Zhuang chips are concentrated, so many discriminative methods will fail, so they will not draw pictures. However, Bitcoin cash has not been adjusted yet. It is necessary to pay attention to risks in the near future. It is not recommended to buy and do more.

The main volatility of Bitcoin cash is still the shockdown. The strong rebound is only to repair the oversold, but also to short the opportunity.

The $270 is the resistance level. After the two days of shocks, the probability is still falling.

Ripple XRP :

Very weak, shocking the disc, pull it up and return to the origin, there are signs of shipping.

Ruibo did not give us an independent market in the short term, and short-term trading did not participate.


Platform currency HT, OKB, BNB:

BNB head signs are obvious, and the market outlook is bearish. HT and OKB are in the same trend, and they are not lazy after maintaining the current price, so they are not opportunities to participate in short-term trading. The recent trend of platform currency can basically reflect the fund situation of the market. Once the platform currency is completely damaged, the whole market will basically undergo a deep correction.

Everyone should continue to learn in the operation and improve their cognitive ability and feeling ability on the disk. Pay more attention to investment risks, properly participate in transactions within your controllable scope, and be responsible for your own transactions.


I’m here today, I wish you all a happy May Day, we will see you tomorrow!

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