2019 Associated Press Writing Guide provides guidance on blockchain related terms

2019 Associated Press Writing Guide provides guidance on blockchain related terms

On May 29th, the Associated Press (AP), the main news media in New York, announced a new edition of the new version of the cryptocurrency by announcing the latest version of the AP Stylebook and Briefing.

According to the new Associated Press Writing Guidelines (AP's guidelines are a popular standard in professional publications), authors should capitalize their initials when referring to cryptocurrency systems, and should keep the first when referring to tokens. Lowercase letters. They gave the following two sentences as examples:

“The government wants to regulate Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He bought a vacuum cleaner online using bitcoins. (The government wants to regulate Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency networks. He bought a vacuum cleaner with bitcoin.)”

This example is taken from the 2019 Associated Press Style Guide on tweets for cryptocurrencies. Another suggestion is to avoid using "cryptocurrency" instead of "cryptocurrency" to avoid ambiguity or confusion with "cryptography".

In addition to cryptocurrency, the Associated Press Writing Guide in 2019 – which announced the sale through Twitter on May 29 – also added blockchain and bitcoin-related entries, providing definitions of terms and explaining their relevance.

Last year, the Associated Press and the news platform Civil worked together to protect the content of the release using blockchain technology. (blockchain pencil)

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