Market Analysis: Do more emotions spread to the second and third line

At the high-end dialogue site of the 2019 Expo “blockchain – the cornerstone of digital civilization”, Li Guanyu, deputy director of the Information and Software Services Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, issued an important policy signal on the development of the blockchain. As an industry management department, Li Guanyu said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work hard to promote blockchain-related industry research, technology research and development and application promotion. Create a good development environment, release the value of the blockchain, and promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry. Promoting the development of blockchain and accelerating the integration with the real economy will play an important role in building a digital economy, industrial ecology, helping the high-quality development of the digital economy and improving the level of government official services. In the end, Li Guanyu once again indicated that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will help blockchain technology innovation and industrial application development, promote blockchain technology to empower the real economy, and provide new kinetic energy to further drive China's transformation and upgrading.

The easy-to-use car issued a statement yesterday saying that the server was attacked continuously from the night of May 25 to the early morning of the 26th. The attacker asked for the huge amount of bitcoin by deleting the data and exposing the privacy information. It’s easy to say that the company is fighting for data recovery and setting up a new server, but it will take time to fully recover. In addition, the ongoing withdrawal arrangements will be suspended and postponed until the service and data recovery continues. Easy to make compensation plans for car owners and users based on the length of time to resolve the incident.

More and more information about BTC and blockchain has recently appeared to be similar to 17 years, but can the cryptocurrency market reproduce 17 years of scenery? The second and third line targets we have been talking about are finally beginning to be active. We have repeatedly mentioned in the article that the strong features of EOS will obviously rise to $8. Today, a big Yangxian line hits above $8. This kind of structural market will still be For a while, there is no chance to create a new high, and you can wait patiently.


BTC's minimum backstepped to around $8,600, without our forecast of the 8350-8450 US dollar back step, BTC pulled back to a new high after failing to effectively stabilize, is still oscillating, it is expected that BTC may be consolidating in the short term the Lord.


ETH hit the previous high point again yesterday, but we saw that the pressure near 280 US dollars is relatively strong, this round of rising still failed to stand still, the standard moving average system showed a long position, the macd indicator has signs of ducks opening mouth, the overall trend is upward, Maintain the previous judgment, the next target is around 300 US dollars, pay attention to the gain and loss of 5 antennas. If the target loses 5 antennas, and the macd indicator is dead again, you should pay attention to lighten up the response. Personally think that the target will return to 250. Dollar.


The XRP moving averages are arranged in multiple positions. The macd indicator ducks open their mouths. The typical attack pattern has obvious rising trend. At least, it will hit a new high. It can be low-low near the 5 antennas. The target is around 0.5 US dollars, effectively falling below 5 antennas.


BCH ushered in a critical moment. The macd indicator now has a tendency to open the mouth of the duck. The target has already stood at $425. We think the target may rise to around $506, but it may also fail. If the target falls below 5 antennas, The macd indicator will once again return to the neckline of the M head near $350, and fall below that point to wait and see.


EOS has a big Yangxian line and we have reached the target position of 8 US dollars. The average line is long and the strong features are obvious. The macd indicator is diverging upwards. Now the price of the currency is far from the 5 antenna. It may be oscillated for two days in the near future. As the antenna moves up, we believe that the next target of the target is around $9.4, but the premise is that it can't lose 5 antennas. If we lose 5 antennas, we think we need to reduce the position and fall below 7.3 dollars to leave.


LTC continuously pulled out four Yangxian lines and set a new high in rebounding. However, the pressure above the target is very strong. The volume does not seem to support the target. The primary type passes the pressure level. The above 5 antennas can continue to hold, effectively falling below 5 The antenna can be moderately lightened to deal with the next step back, and fell below $85 to wait and see.


BNB is currently showing signs of weakness. Although there has not been a substantial break below the 5 antennas, we believe that the target is only in the original earthquake when the mainstream currency has risen, and it has not risen rapidly with the dead market. At present, the target has signs of losing 5 antennas. Pay attention to the risks. Be wary of the possible collapse of the macd indicator dead fork and the 5 antenna and 10 antenna dead fork. The effective fall below 5 antennas should be reduced.

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