3D virtual reality social platform Sensorium Galaxy game exclusive currency then boarded the international leading trading platform

On April 6, 2020 (Los Angeles time), Sensorium Galaxy, the world ’s first 3D virtual reality (VR) online entertainment social platform, announced the launch of Senso coins in the world after it released its exclusive coin Senso in the world last month. The leading cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC, as another major measure of its global expansion, can also strengthen the interactive relationship between users and the platform and further promote the expansion of the global cryptocurrency market.

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According to Sensorium (sensoriumxr.com), on the platform of Sensorium Galaxy, users can use Senso coins to purchase game-related items, such as avatars, and also exchange game content. In addition, third-party companies that provide customized venues and game content services on the platform can also use Senso to purchase virtual venues and create unique digital spaces for their entertainment content and activities. The HitBTC cooperation is one of the world's longest operating and most technologically advanced cryptocurrency exchanges, and is ranked among the top ten in the world. After launch, the exchange will support Sensor / Tedacoin cryptocurrency trading.

"Putting Senso on HitBTC reflects our ambitious growth plan," said Brian Kean, Chief Communication Officer of Sensorium. "We are currently negotiating with world-class artists and event venues at Sensorium. Create a unique 3D social experience on the Galaxy platform, and as this platform continues to evolve, we expect millions of users worldwide to join. "

Sensorium Galaxy presents a new form of entertainment and socialization to the world for the first time, allowing multiple users to enter the 3D virtual reality entertainment space at the same time, where they can enjoy a unique concert and event experience in real time, as well as create their own avatars and purchase content , Interact with old friends and new friends. The emergence of this platform marks a fundamental change in the virtual reality experience, which is no longer the isolated way in the past. Sens is developed on the Ethereum network, in line with the current ERC20 technical standard for issuing coins on the Ethereum blockchain.

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According to Keane, cooperation with HitBTC can provide users with ways to buy and sell in-game and trade on cryptocurrency platforms. "After the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange went public, we immediately launched this initiative, demonstrating our determination to develop the cryptocurrency market and our confidence in the future," he said.

"As a company fully committed to financial technology development and growth, we are very pleased to see Senso join our platform," said Peter Swen, a representative of HitBTC's marketing department, "Sensorium introduced us to the digital gaming space. It is significant, and as our industry expands, we are also looking forward to future cooperation with Sensorium. "

Founded in 2013, HitBTC provides cryptocurrency trading, custody and other related services, and has now developed to support more than 800 cryptocurrency pair transactions. The interface design can also meet the needs of traders of various levels and complexity. In addition, HitBTC uses rigorous security procedures such as cold storage and encryption technology to protect users' security, and also provides double authentication and various whitelists. HitBTC has an LD4 data center in London. While expanding the platform ’s technical performance, it reduces the delay in acquiring data and ensures versatile and powerful connections.

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